I have a lot of trips to post but after this last trip I have not been able to build up energy to pay enough attention to the new WordPress protocols to spend that much time on updating my blog!

In this Covid world you can’t help but think that every little ache/pain/ounce of tired is Covid related…but I have been tested…it is all allergies! I don’t know why I am stubborn about taking allergy meds except for the fact I am sick of taking medications! I take on average 9 per day for my regular health issues…adding one more to it…should be a simple consideration…its only one more! But, my brain wants to revolt against the thought and won’t generally walk me to the kitchen to take this one simple pill that will alleviate all the things that drag me down this time of the year!

In addition to this, Covid numbers are increasing in my town!! No one in my house seems to be taking it as seriously as I feel they should! In my state alone over the previous 3 days there have been over 1,000 new cases per day…haven’t seen todays numbers yet. A comment from a family member when an alert was issued on our phones yesterday…? Well, if people stopped getting tested the numbers wouldn’t be so high!! My reply…”Are you seriously being Trump right now?”…we started discussing it but I was getting angry and she wasn’t getting it…since we live together and there has to be some kind of peace and harmony until the next time I planned to leave time…I walked away and said “let’s stop discussing and remain friendly”…she sighed and we moved on!!

The atmosphere in this house has changed so much since the lockdown in March…not for the better! As the elder in this house (which I own!) with many health issues, the major concern then was my health and what should be done to protect my health! Now…it seems to be anyone but me. They want to live their lives as they please! Ok…do that by all means but clean the house as you go in/out/visit all your friends/attend large events…I could go on and on…but am I the only one that sees the selfishness of their ways??? No need to answer…not looking for back up! Just needing to get this thought off my mind so I can move on with the rest of my life!

Covid is increasing getting worse across the country…happy to have seen that the states I have dared to visit over the past 4 months are at the top of the list for healthiest states in the country! If I may have to occasionally leave this potential cesspool of potential poor health at least I know I have safe places to go and I have absolutely no problem going and staying inside for 14 days!

Over and out…carry one!

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Three stops and some lunch…an August day trip!

I should be getting ready for tomorrow’s excursion but I sit here wondering how to fill my afternoon because…everything is done to leave tomorrow except for the actual packing.  So…I could sweep and vacuum but umm…no!  I’ll let the rest of the family take care of that while I am enjoying my travels!  🙂 

My friend…aka Thelma, called to see if I wanted to do something.  Probably expecting me to say no for several reasons…we had a day trip to Western MA a few days prior, it was a very hot August day and I am never pleasant to be around when it is 80-90 degrees and humid out…why would she, knowing this, really think of spending time with me?  But I agreed!  HAHA…that will teach her! More shocking…the venue opens at 10:00 AM and we took tickets for the first time slot which meant leaving around 9:00 AM just to be sure we were there on time…about a 40 minute drive from my house.  I generally don’t do anything with her until 1:00 PM or later…I just am not a morning person!  But again, surprise!  

We decided to start the day at the deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA.  I had seen the sign dozens of times driving into Cambridge and on several websites I follow but had never been there.  In these Covid times, you had to buy tickets on line, pick a time slot to go, and show up.  They were only letting so many people on the property at a time, not everything on the property was open and you had to wear your mask whenever you had no alternative but to be within 6′ of another person…and though people were good about keeping distance, some people just did what they wanted – without a mask on – and it was your job to get out of their way!  Still…humid and hot…it was a very fun visit!  I have a LOT of pictures but I will try to show some discipline and not post every one of them! 

I’m going, to try to break it down into various areas because the pictures are all scrambled because some were taken with the phone and some the camera.  For the first set of pictures I grabbed the picture of the “man” reflecting in the window before I made this decision and am unable to delete him without deleting them all…so the “man” stays…though he may show up again later.  🙂 

These hearts are very cool.  I did not initially notice all the cool items incorporated into the sculptures…hammers, rakes, an iron, shoes, a face (I can only guess it was sculpted by the artist at some point and incorporated into this) so many various everyday items!  

 One of my only disappointments walking the grounds…I would have like to have seen my signs posted identifying the artist and a brief explanation of their vision for the work.  Some of that was done here and there but not for every piece.  

Another interesting exhibit was an old car completely painted white, under a white tent with tv’s inserted where windows would be…but only on some of the windows.  The other windows were painted white so you could not see inside the car…interesting!  

I was going to skip ahead to when we walked around the back of the property so you could see some of the turrets because there is a “sculpture” that is supposed to replicate them but I can’t find the pictures of the real turrets…but, here is the artists rendition from inside and out.  

Found the turret from the back of the building!

Another interesting installation I found intriguing were the silver painted doors, some wood panels, some glass panels…again, wish there was (or maybe there was and I just didn’t see it?) something with the artists name and an explanation…my memory says there was something but I didn’t find it in my pictures…again, had several pictures of this from several different angles but this is the only one I could find but I think you get a feel for what I am talking about?  

There were quite a few sculptures that really spoke to me…I am going to post them all together here since I have no separate artist information for them.  They all captured my attention when I saw them and they still give me pause when I look at them again now.  I would like to know the stories about the people behind the inspirations for those pieces.

The rest is miscellaneous items from our walk around the grounds…still plenty more to see!  

And last but not least for our trip to the museum….this very large display was at the end of the field up on top of a small hill.  It looks like a real tree!  We did not get close so I am not sure what the medium was for this piece…but amazing!  

Next up on this amazing day was a decision to go have lunch…we found a place which didn’t turn out to be what I thought it was going to be but it was all outdoor seating well spaced apart.  They allowed one person from each group in at a time and no new people in until that order had been placed.  You go in one door, out the other and when your food is ready they bring it out in a bag or on a tray and call out your name and place it on a shelf outside the door.  This lovely place is the Twisted Tree in Lincoln

There was also a very lovely church across the street..

While eating lunch we looked over things we might be able to do in the area.  We decided to go head to the Minuteman Historical National Park in Concord, MA.  I think we had both been there on field trips in grade school and never been back since because when you live in an area, you might go some place like this for a field trip but never again.  As hot as it was, we opted to do this!  

On the drive there we passed by Ponyhenge…several people had posted pictures of this on Facebook during the spring and summer but neither of us had ever heard of this unusual spot and when we passed by I yelled out “stop, it’s Ponyhenge!”  A funny yet at the same time creepy little area in an open field without any clear indication of who might own, maintain or invite people to bring there no longer used rocking horses!  Be prepared…as I said it is cool yet creepy at the same time and you can’t unsee it once you stop!  This too is in Lincoln, MA.  

Last stop of the day coming up…Minuteman Historical National Park & North Bridge in Concord, MA.  Flashbacks to childhood hit me as soon as we crossed the street from the parking lot.  Because it was still 80-90 degrees and humid and I had already walked quite a bit we were unable to walk the entire park though I did encourage Thelma to go for it and I would sit under a shady tree until she came back but she opted to stick with me.  Here are some of the parts of the park we enjoyed.  Here are the historical parts we saw…below this will be the park part of what we saw. I tried to make sure I didn’t grab any duplicates but I can’t make any guarantees!  Hope you enjoy this beautiful park…and come visit it some day!   

And that ends this amazing though very hot August day!  I hope you enjoyed our day trip(s).  

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See you on the road!…thanks for traveling with me!!!


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Skipping ahead a bit…

I have been on a number of trips since my last post staying home very little…took me forever to get all those pictures sorted and processed. I was waiting for a down day to get caught up but down days have been rainy days and we have had very few of those…so I kept going on trips.

Today is a down day…only a road trip yesterday but since I knew it was going to rain I decided to go some place local that other’s have been posting pictures about so I could see it for myself in all its fall splendor! The Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA…I have been there once before in the late spring/early summer but never in the fall and all of the pictures I had seen planted a bug in my head and yesterday was the day.

So, skipping (for now) the late August trip, the two September trips and the two October trips (not to mention the upcoming October trip)…I bring you the splendor that is the Old Stone Church on the Wachusett Reservoir!

There are more but I like all these the best…there were a lot of cars parked nearby but I saw very few people there…and the people in the above pictures…they were not with me…they weren’t even with each other! But it was a gorgeous 70 degree fall day! And, today is rainy, gloomy, muggy…just need the rain otherwise it can go away!

Enjoy the magnificent color that is fall in my neck of the woods!

You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will be updating my Loving Life site removing a lot of what is for sale now and putting some new items up for sale, concentrating on note cards, magnets and prints.
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See you on the road!thanks for traveling with me!!!



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Let’s attempt to finish the Boothbay Harbor visit and then move south toward home…

Brown’s Wharf Inn & Marina Boothbay Harbor, ME

I think I ended with the Damariscotta River Cruise…after the cruise I went to the Footbridge in town…I didn’t even know Boothbay Harbor had a Footbridge but it is lovely! And watching the young lady do head stands on her paddle board…priceless!  As watching the kids enjoying a jump off the bridge! 

After checking out the Footbridge I headed back to the hotel but before going in I decided to walk over to the closest restaurant, The Whale’s Tale…one of several the hotel had recommended when I checked in. The food was decent, only one other customer when I first got there but service was a tad on the slow side and the waiter had little to no personality. I wasn’t there to become friends with him but I attempted to talk to him a few times in the hour plus I was there but he wasn’t having it. A couple that came in shortly before I left specifically asked for a table that was assigned to him and when he came out they started talking to him about their visit the night before and he barely acknowledged them. I think he needs a new job! It was though a lovely spot for dinner and close to the hotel.

After dinner, I went back to the hotel, killed some time doing a few things and then headed down to the deck to see if there was a view of sunset…I was in sunset heaven! A really long deck, lots of tables, chairs, rockers and the marina with a few super yachts from all over…all right there with the perfect sunset sky…plenty of clouds!

Next up…Sunrise the next morning! It is rare that I am up and in a good spot to catch a sunrise…but I happened to wake up and the curtains were open just enough to see sunrise was starting. I hopped out of bed and grabbed my phone, went out on the balcony and grabbed a couple shots then hopped back into bed. But, I could not stay…I knew there were beautiful things going on out there and I could here the fishing boats getting ready to go out. I threw some clothes on, grabbed the camera and the phone and went back on the deck!

Today’s adventure is Cap’n Fish’s Audubon Puffin Adventure and Scenic Cruise along the Kennebec River. I just checked their website because I couldn’t remember the length of the cruise and it is no longer available since the Puffins have left the northeast and this particular cruise isn’t available…though they have many others. I believe it was 2.5 hours…but maybe 2? I am dividing the pictures into scenic/Eastern Egg Island, lighthouses and birds…oh, and an Ocean Sunfish we came upon…and a few seals. It was a very exciting day!

I remember that one of them is Pemaquid but the names of the other 2 escape me! 😦

Then of course there is the Ocean Sunfish…a cool creature that I had never seen before and the Captain said it was a rare sighting. The species is native to tropical and temperate waters around the world. It resembles a fish head with a tail, and its main body is flattened laterally. It is a heavy, bony fish and the Captain was very careful when circling it so it did not go over it for fear of breaking bones! It swims on its side so you don’t see the dorsal fin when it swims, you see the pectoral fins.

The final and expected yet awesome part of the cruise are the puffins…and other birds. Oh…and the seal! A few eagles seen during the trip are included.

After completing this cruise, I headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a dinner I had bought at the store. Sat on the balcony for a bit and enjoyed the birds and quiet. Heading out tomorrow…going down to York…getting closer to heading home. Two nights in York and though I had three things on my list of things to see I surrendered to the heat and decided to just veg for my time in York. I did visit a few stops though on the way down…

First stop on the way down to York was at Squirrel Point Light and the Phippsburg/Arrowsic area…lovely! Though a lot of the “flowers” are actually weeds, they were pretty to me!