My love for my followers….

Just a short statement…and I thought my moon image was going to be short….

This is one of those sad posts you see from time to time..I love posting my images because I want the world to see the world through my eyes!  I can’t travel overseas anymore and I miss what I could potentially see on the blogs of my fellow travelers!  I don’t follow a lot of you because I feel like I am not on line enough to do you justice…but truth…I started following someone a few months ago and I fell in love with his story because it was so sad but that sadness is what drove him to suicide!  

I have a bit of respect for those that follow through with suicide…not glorious, not meant to help anyone understand and I have never even felt the need to consider it but it sometimes astounds me when I think of the people that I know who lost love ones to suicide!  I think they are brave…not that I am encouraging anyone to give it a seconds thought!!  Please don’t!!!  There are so many resources out there to help all of us!  When I think of those who have passed…they were brave to do what they did…they were cowards for not being able to reach out to their families that loved them…they were not cowards because they felt strong enough to believe they found a way to peace in their souls…it is a loop that I hope no one who reads this or knows me will ever need to feel or feel they need to feel to accomplish a mission!  Oh my…life gets complicated!!!  Anyone who experiences this has so many mixed feelings!!!  

I don’t know what brought up all these sad thoughts…I am going to leave this post as is…I will be back tomorrow!!!  Sorry to be feeling this sadness!!!  Please come back!  

I don’t know what I saw that brought his story back but it is a sadness I can’t get past tonight!  

See you tomorrow…please stay safe out there…I would so miss you not following me!!!

Peace, love and hug those you love!  Support those you love!  Give shelter and love to those that are important to you!!! 


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Red Rock Canyon Open Space and…

This is my first full day in Colorado Springs and the Red Rock Canyon Open Space is the first item on my list because it is not too far away.  My first thought when I put this on my list was that it might have something to do with the Red Rocks Amphitheater but my first clue that I was wrong?  I was not going to Denver again to see it and…well, there was a sign that said Red Rock Canyon Open Space.  Still lovely but I think no one is staging major concerts here…though there is a lot of hiking going on here! And if you like to hike you probably wouldn’t care that it was 80+ degrees this day…the hikers in the picture below didn’t care!   

My next stop on this minimal 80+ degree day…Bear Creek Regional Park.  Hundreds of acres of park, more than 10 miles of trails…I wish I could be a hiker so see more that you might be able to see on a hike!  

Too much going on today…as in today, not blog world!!…I was excited that I was finally going to get a Covid-19 controlled hair appointment only to discover when I was almost there that she had fallen down her stairs.  I asked her if she needed me to take her to the hospital but she lucked out (really, is there any real luck here?)….her neighbor was home!  She went to the hospital but thought to call me first…really Tina!!!  So…7 hours later I find out she broke one ankle and sprained the other…OMG

 This was going to end this post anyway…I just can’t believe it is going to end on Tina’s broken and bruised ankles!  I will be back tomorrow with a tour…taking me into Denver again…to the Rocky Mountains, Echo Lake Lodge, the town of Georgetown, the Georgetown Loop Railroad, etc!  An awesome day on the road…please come back and enjoy the journey!  

I will be back tomorrow…heck, it is Saturday…who does anything on a Saturday?  🙂 

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See you on the road!

 I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question. – Harun Yahya.


From Boston to Cleveland to Denver to Colorado Springs…

I was going to start this by complaining about my laptop and how frustrating today has been but you know what…I’m tired of listening to me so why put you through it…your not related…you’re not forced to listen to me.  

This trip was taken beginning on July 2016 so I don’t remember the specific reason I picked Colorado except I had never been here before and it seemed like a good idea.  I’m sure there was a commercial or something that got my attention.  I do remember that this is the reason I signed up for Hilton Honor rewards…though they claim to this day that they have no record of me staying there.  Interesting since they promised me 10,000 extra points for an incident that happened the second full day I was there…housekeeping went in to clean and left the door to my room open.  I was lucky that no one walked away with my computer and clothes!  I have not let housekeeping at any hotel in my room since…

This is the first trip I had taken on my own.  In the past my husband had taken care of all travel details and all I had to do was pack a bag and show up.  I am not a detail person but I was actually making lists and doing everything I thought needed doing for a trip.  I got up about 3 in the morning in order to get to the airport on time…I let my son drive me this time…all future trips I either got dropped off at Logan Express or drove myself there and parked in the garage there for the duration of the trip. 

Now for the sad news…after spending two plus days editing and organizing images in their labeled folders they are all gone…all the folders are empty but I found 795 pictures from the trip in no order at all…Red Rock Canyon Open Space, driving around Colorado City, visiting Seven Falls, the Garden of the Gods including a tour I paid for and touring on my own afterward, Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods, the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Rocky Mountains tour which included the town of Georgetown and the Georgetown Loop Train, lunch at Echo Lake Lodge & the hummingbirds and Bear Creek…hopefully in the order visited.  I still have the folders so hopefully I can figure out which image goes with which stop! 

When I go on a plane I like to take pictures of what is below me…I have paid extra to go in a helicopter to see an area from above…this saves a lot of money like getting to do two things for the price of one.  So on this and the next two trips you will see some aerial shots.  I can’t help myself!  And…do you ever look up at the sky to see what is going on with the clouds?  Well, looking down from above you not only get to look at the interesting patterns of the landscape but the clouds too! 

So…off we go! I left Logan fairly early heading for Cleveland and from there we were bound for Denver.  I got my rental car and headed from Denver down the highway to Colorado Springs.  I remember stopping at a turn out to check out a statue and it somehow reminded me of my brother but I couldn’t find the picture and I don’t remember what the statue was for or for whom…Hampton Inn Colorado Springs…I distinctly remember a Mattress Firm store across the parking lot…because I had never heard of Mattress Firm so it stuck in my head.  

 I got settled in, had some dinner and looked over my list of things I would like to try to see while here.  The reason I picked Colorado Springs to visit was because I did not want to be in downtown Denver…paying for parking at a city hotel adds a lot to the budget…and I thought my flight was landing in Colorado City, not Denver!  I was wrong but it was never a bad drive back and forth…I had to go there to meet up for a tour on my second full day and of course I had to go back to get my plane.  

For now, I am going to leave you enjoying these few pictures.  Tomorrow I will be heading over to Red Rock Canyon Open Space.  Be sure to come back.

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See you on the road!

I have worn the dust of many foreign streets, but to brush it off would surely be a crime. I have the memories of many foreign adventures, but to forget them, would surely be a sin. So, breath in the dust, and keep the memories in. – Rowland Waring-Flood


Next up is going to be delayed…

I have most of the Colorado Springs trip edited and in new folders but I lost the last 61 of my images and I really wanted at least 6 of them…I have no idea where they went…don’t you hate when that happens?  

Today started as usual except I was up earlier than usual…about an hour into my day the tree guy who gave me an estimate about 3 weeks back decided today would be the day he was going to take care of my tree…I opted to have it thinned rather than cut down with the stump grounded…big difference in the price!  I ran in my room to get dressed because I wanted to be out there to see what he was doing to make sure the appropriate amount was cut.  This tree is the cornerstone of my property and I live on a corner lot so this tree would be sorely missed if cut down and an eyesore to the neighborhood if too much was cut.  He was here for almost 3 hours and did a wonderful job.  My neighbors gathered to watch this cool remote controlled cherry picker go across the front yard and up to the middle of the tree to start. It looked like something from a science fiction movie.  

Two of the neighbors were so impressed with the job he did they asked him to do work for them!  

So, there went pretty much my whole morning and I walked nearly a mile going in and out of the house and up and down the street to see the tree from different angles.  

No sooner had that ended when my sister contacted me…she wanted me to get her something to help her out with her health issues…I’m not going to go into details for her privacy but that took up a bit of the afternoon.  I finally get settled and start working on my pictures and my lovely grandson came over for dinner.  Time out to spend with him and the family and now it is 8 PM and here we are.  

SO…no blogging about Colorado Springs tonight.  This is a quick easy note to you but I will definitely be back tomorrow…at least the first part of the day because another grandson is coming over tomorrow for dinner.  He will be spending the night because his father is sharing the drive back to Florida with him and they are leaving early Friday morning. Once they get to Florida my grandson will drop his Dad at the airport and he will fly back home.  

See you tomorrow!  


Next up…

I have spent the last 24 hours plus going through all of my files trying to find some of my pre-February 2018 folders.  I found the files from my Colorado Springs trip in July 2016.  This was the very first trip I took on my own.

I also found my Utah/Arizona trip and my Kauai trip.  I can not find my Curacao trip…though I am still looking.  

None of these pictures have been edited…they were just loaded on the laptop and put in folders and ignored!  Shame on me!  I am in the process of editing and organizing now.  I will be updating the blog tomorrow…assuming nothing comes up to detour me!  

See you tomorrow!  

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Breaking quarantine for a short time…

In April my doctor’s office called and requested I go to their office for some blood work even though I could not be seen in her office.  Since I had to be out and about I decided to bring my camera to check out a local place about 10 miles from my house.  It is outside and I thought there would likely be few people there.  I was wrong about the people but most were just sitting on a blanket and not walking around so I decided to get out and walk around.  I had a mask with me just in case! This place was Longfellow’s Wayside Inn Grist Mill.  A beautiful spot I had been to quite a bit when I was young but most recently was about 4 years ago.  I came to this spot with my first real digital camera while taking classes to help learn how to use it.  This is a very historical spot in Massachusetts history. The Grist Mill itself was built in 1929.   

 The beauty of the falls is dependent to some extent on the amount of rain we have received.  On this day it was lovely…I had been here many years ago when it was barely a trickle.  

Though I did not walk the entire grounds, I did walk my favorite areas…saw people walking with masks on, a woman fishing and my favorite tree!    

But one of the best things about walking the property?  The water…there is a very long, meandering river and a lovely pond. Hard as I try I can not find any clear information that gives me the name of the river or the pond…or maybe I am just to impatient to find it.  🙂 

I took over 110 images of the water around the Grist Mill and 63 of them are my favorites but I am only sharing a little over half of them.  

I have an image of the actual Longfellow’s Wayside Inn and I saw it when I first opened my folders but now I can not find it!  But I am going to post images of the Martha-Mary Chapel that is a part of the property.  This is a non-denominational church where many people have married over the decades.  It is named after Henry Ford‘s mother, Mary Litogot Ford and his mother-in-law, Martha Bench Bryant. And I copied the image of the Wayside Inn taken and attributed to By Dudesleeper at English Wikipedia. There was also an adorable dog visiting from NY with his humans and they allowed me to take a picture of him.

There is a country store, Wayside Country Store, not too far from here but I did not stop on this day.  It has penny candy that is no longer sold for a penny!  It has old games from my youth for sale…it just has many cool things to check out if you ever decide to come visit.  My uncle and my grandmother brought us here when we were children…we got anywhere between .10-.25 and could pick out what ever candy we wanted and walk out with a paper bag filled with candy.  Great memory!  Leaning my head against the glass trying to decide what to get!  My sister and I came here a few years back and strolled around inside absorbing our youth.  I had flashbacks…great flashbacks! In fact, I am going to post some of those pictures at the very end…after the travel quote.    

Here is a great link if you would like to read more:

Until I am able to get out and travel…hopefully in the foreseeable future…this is the last of my 2020 images for now.  I started this blog in February 2018 and I do not want to end it for now just because of a pandemic!  I think going forward I am going to post my travels prior to 2018 in no particular order.  

I thank you very much for traveling with me.  Feel free to ask questions!  Stay safe out there! 

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See you on the road!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Proust

Wayside Country Store…as noted aboveDarn…I thought I had pictures of the candy counters!  That is the best part…sorry!

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Time to start heading home…

When I checked out of the Shem Creek Inn I looked over my list of things I wanted to see in the area and realized there was one spot here in Mt. Pleasant I forgot to check out.  It was raining when I left but not too heavy at first so I decided to go.  By the time I got to my destination, Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park, it was pouring but it was on my list and I wanted to see it!  I grabbed my umbrella and camera and crossed my fingers that the camera would not get wet and off I went. They have quite a few different types of sculptures here, when I walked down the pier far enough that I could see a battleship off in the distance and there was the Old Sunken Hull…one of 9 cement ships built in NC.  If you are interested in the story, here is the link: 


Getting into my car very wet but with an undamaged camera I decided to add two places to my list on the way to Roanoke Rapids, NC.  I stopped at Biggins Church Ruins in Moncks Corner, SC and Colonial Dorchester Historical Site in Summerville, SC.  The places were what I expected and though I got out of the car with my umbrella I had to use my phone to get images and trying to hold the phone with two hands while keeping myself covered with the umbrella was not an easy task. I think I might have been able to get more and better pictures without the rain.   

Going home I stayed in Roanoke Rapid, NC at the Hilton Garden Inn and the Doubletree Inn in Mt. Laurel, NJ…I had to be home by the 7th so I didn’t have time for many stops on the way home but I did go out of my way heading north to go through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel…I love going through this tunnel…it goes underwater…eerie but cool at the same time.  I had really hoped to stop at the snack shop because the views are fantastic but there was construction going on and there was no stopping allowed…it kind of took some of the fun away but it was still worth going out of the way…and as sunset approached the sky cleared and I got some sunset shots. 

One last stop on the 6th of March.  I am including this because I love diners!  I have been to this one several times now when driving through CT…really good food!  If you are in the Cromwell, CT area you must go check out the Cromwell Diner!  

 One last image post though it doesn’t have to do with this trip…it was a few days after this trip…my last trip of 2020 to date!…but its me humoring me and I hope you enjoy! The March Super Moon outside my front door through the trees.  🙂  

 I forgot to mention…while in Mt Pleasant I started hearing talk about the Coronavirus and some of the deaths.  It seemed like something that was happening to others and I didn’t give it much thought but my sister had called to say she did not want me or any of the other siblings at her house because we had all been out and about and she was fearful we would bring the virus into her home.  I was originally dismissive and that is why I was staying to my schedule to be home by the 7th because I was expected at her house.  In the end I did not go to her house and she has been on her own since my other sister left…on March 5th or 6th.  She did end up in the hospital with an issue for a few days…on the floor where they were keeping  the patients with the virus though she was put in a negative pressure room on her own.  She was tested for the virus 4 times, came back negative and she finally went home! My family has managed to escape this horror so far though we know people who have gotten sick and/or died…I hope you and your loved one are staying safe! 

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See you on the road!  

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. – Aldous Huxley