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A socially distanced concert…4th of July!

I did something yesterday that ended up being one of my best days since this whole quarantine, social distancing thing started!  There is a concert hall in Derry, New Hampshire that I had been to a number of times before and my son, I recently found out, had recorded one of the programs he had been involved with here.  But with things being the way they are, this spot had been closed for some time.  

Some genius involved with the Tupelo Music Hall came up with the idea of outdoor concerts in the parking lot with alternating parking spots and each ticket is for a carload and comes with two spots!  Social distancing while enjoying a great show!  GENIUS!  The shows are called Tupelo Music Hall – Drive-in Experience!  

My brother had purchased the ticket for himself and his girlfriend but something came up and she needed to go home to Alabama for a few days to attend an important family event.  He called and asked if I would be interested in going and though I don’t like crowds and have avoided concerts for awhile I felt from the way this was described that it might be right up my alley….and he suggested our sister-in-law come along…and she decided to bring her roommate!  Party of four having fun at a concert on the 4th of July…oh yeah!  The beauty of heading out this year…no traffic…never have I ever driven on the 4th of July without sitting in traffic forever which is why I have avoided going out this holiday weekend for at least the past 10 years…this year, piece of cake!  The entertainer this concert…the Adam Ezra Band!  Great concert, he is an amazing entertainer and his band is super!  Seems each person in the band plays multiple instruments and all do it well.  

We meet up at my brother’s house and drive over to Derry…show at 1:00 (he had 3 shows that day) and we were in line a little before noon.  We drive in and they hand us a menu and rules to follow there…to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Hungry? Want a beverage (all non-alcohol)? Go on the address they give you, order what you want, input your space number, pay online and they deliver everything to you in a golf cart…awesome!  Food expensive but very tasty and quite a few options.  

And the show begins…I only have a few pictures and one video to share.  Several of the pictures I took were of my brother and without his permission, I will not share those.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Well, something went wrong and my video keeps disappearing!  But…I think you will enjoy this.  I hope I am not creating a problem by posting this from YouTube. 

Noticing now that this video, though it hasn’t disappeared, may not work either…hope it does!  Not my day for videos! 

From the statistics I get from WordPress, most of the people who follow me are from other countries but if someone is reading this and considering a visit to New Hampshire I am going to post this link to the Tupelo Music Hall…if you love music, concerts, being outdoors to enjoy a show…you should plan a visit here!  


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“Conventional wisdom tells us… we take our baggage with us. I’m not so sure. Travel, at its best, transforms us in ways that aren’t always apparent until we’re back home. Sometimes we do leave our baggage behind, or, even better, it’s misrouted to Cleveland and is never heard from again.”   -Eric Weiner

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Happy 4th of July everyone…

All gatherings for fireworks have been canceled in my area this year though one of the local TV channels is going to be airing fireworks on TV…not sure from where but it’s just not the same! 

But I have a brief post…fireworks from Bennington, VT two years ago…I hope you enjoy the fireworks!  

Happy Fourth everyone!  

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks!  Stay safe out there!  


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I was curious…where to take you…

Well, it is July 3rd…besides being my brother-in-law’s birthday…hehehe…I am sitting here all by myself…well, my son’s dogs are with me…two pits are good to have by your side…and was wondering what to post next!  I was away in Vermont 3 years ago today…I picked 3 years ago because 2 years ago (weirdly in VT then also) was already posted.  So…you get part of a trip…from 2017 in Vermont!  Everyone loves Vermont during the summer!   Well, I guess everyone loves Vermont during the fall but a ton of people go to Vermont during the summer!  🙂  

So…on this day we start out on a schooner…what better way to enjoy a July day when it is hot?  Out on the water!  In this case…the Whistling Man Schooner on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT…OK…yes, lots of pictures but it was a long afternoon/early evening out on the water!  🙂  

Well, since not edited I guess looking back a dozen or two…or three…could have been eliminated but I hope you got to feel that whole experience.  🙂  

An area right next door to the ship I went out on was the Echo Center…I spent a few hours here on the day I did the cruise out on Lake Champlain…a very cool place to visit if you are spending time in Burlington!  It is a lovely area with the park on both sides….and if you should decide to go here for a visit…there is a lovely restaurant out on one of the piers!  Splash at the Boathouse…good food, good drinks!  Walk home or take a taxi!  🙂  

Just a little bit of VT farmland on my way to another destination!….

And ending the day…again, unedited and likely way too may images!!  But…the Vanderbilt home and gardens in Shelburne, VT.…not posting a link about it but there are excellent posts out there about the history of this location!!  Check it out!

It’s only one day out of a multiple day trip…I hope you enjoyed this day!!!

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“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”

– Paolo Coelho

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Where to begin…

One of the most beautiful spots I have been to in all of my travels is Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia so I have to start with that stop.  It is rare for me to go some place I have not been before if I know I am going to be there alone after dark but I felt safe here…so many people come out to see not only the lighthouse but sunset too and this spot is undeniably the most beautiful ever…well, sunset at the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan is pretty special…now if they would put a lighthouse out there somewhere that would make it as special as this.  

I have sold a few framed images from this spot but I have also given the above image to several people as a gift and it seems to have a special place in everyone’s heart.  I even have cards with this image on it and I use those cards for everything from condolence to birthdays.  

Here are a few more from this spot…

The rest are in no particular order…just posting from how they show up in my folders…no rhyme or reason…the first one I will post is from the Cape Ann Lighthouse tour I took a few years ago.  I posted this as part of another story not too long ago but this will just be the lighthouses…I love lighthouses.  Whole trips have been planned around how to see as many as I can during the time I will be on a trip.  I lucked out for this trip…I got on the last boat out for the season.  You can go to Cape Ann and Gloucester and see plenty of lighthouses but some can only be seen from the water so being able to get on this boat was a treat. In not particular order the following were included in the lighthouse tour…Ten Pound Island Lighthouse, Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse, Straightsmouth Island Lighthouse , Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses, and Eastern Point Lighthouse. 

I think next I will take you to the infamous Nubble Lighthouse in Maine…it is such an iconic lighthouse in my part of the country…hoping to go there again when I go to Maine next week! One of these days I will get there at sunset…that is a picture I want!  

 Next up is Mulikteo Lighthouse on Puget Sound…a beautiful spot that I stopped at before heading for Vancouver when I did my I-90 Roadtrip a few years ago.  

Though I just posted a story about our harbor trip to Boston Light, I can’t do a post about lighthouses and not include it…and it is one of the most local to me!  

Back to Kauai once again.  Though I just posted about the trip to Kauai, this lighthouse must be included…Kileaua Point National Wildife Refuge Lighthouse,

A quick visit to Tarrytown Lighthouse aka Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse in New York

Then we have Eagle Harbor Lighthouse in Eagle Harbor, Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula…my friend grew up in this area and when I visited Michigan she happened to be there looking to buy a house so I spent the day with her while she gave me a grand tour of where she got to grow up!  

The Lorain Ohio Lighthouse at the marina…A pretty little spot I would not/did not expect in Ohio!  I saw the sign for this one not too long after leaving Cleveland…

Parrsboro Lighthouse…I found this one when I was up in Canada back when I went to explore Parrsboro…it is where my family came from after leaving Ireland and where my husband’s family came from…

Back to Michigan and my I-90 Roadtrip…a stop in Port Huron before going into Canada at the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse on the St. Clair River.  

Low Point Light in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at the entrance to Sydney Harbor…another stop during a day trip to Cape Breton when I was on my Canada trip back in 2018…

Seal Island Lighthouse, Seal Island, Nova Scotia…this was the only shot I could get because of overgrown brush in the area…but I could check it off the list!  

6 20 18 Seal Island Light (1 of 2)

Cape Forchu-Yarmouth Light…one of my first full days in Canada…overnight in Yarmouth and first stop of the day was to the lighthouse…this is when I found out my OnStar navigation would not work in Canada and I would have to depend on Waze to get me around!  

When I went to Canada I took the ferry out of Portland, ME over to Yarmouth, NS.  Going out of port along the coast I got to see a few lighthouses…I am not 100% sure of the names of them but since Google is my friend (most of the time) I believe what I saw was Bug Light…in fact I know one of them is Bug Light also known as Portland Harbor Breakwater Light, and perhaps Spring Point Ledge Light, Ram Island Ledge Light, and the famed Portland Head Light, even Twin Lights at Cape Elizabeth.

Cape George Point Light, Cape George, NS…it is said on a clear day from the lighthouse you can see Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island…it is amazing up here but the drive up the road to get here was pretty darn scary…thought for sure I would blow a tire or puncture my gas tank on the dirt road loaded with huge potholes!  

Burncoat Lighthouse & Park…where you can walk the ocean floorIn Noel, NS it was one of many lighthouses I sought out while traveling through Canada. This is one spot where something other than the lighthouse needs to be spotlighted…the fact you can walk on the “floor” of the ocean when the tide is out is amazing in itself!  I did not because I had sandals on and the ranger on duty felt I might slip and fall without hiking boots.  I agreed…I did not feel I could safely get down off the rocks safely!  

 Arisaig Light in Antigonish, NS…I was a little disappointed when I got here and discovered that this “lighthouse” was a replica built after the original burned down in 1930 and this one is an interpretive center and cafe.  But…the area itself is beautiful! 

North Point Lighthouse in Milwaukee, WI…

Wind Point Light, Racine, WI…these Wisconsin lighthouses were stops on my way to Chicago…

Celoron Lighthouse in Jamestown, NY…sadly in need of a little TLC!  If you are in the area, there is a Lucille Ball Memorial Park with a statue of her.  

5 25 18 Celeron Lighthouse Jamestown NY (1 of 2)

Michigan City Lighthouse, Michigan City, Indiana…there may have been a way to get closer but I couldn’t find it!  

Cleveland Harbor – West Pierhead Lighthouse on Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH…

Block Island North Lighthouse, Block Island, RI…this was as close as we could get unless we wanted to walk about a mile in the sand to get closer…but the beach was really cool with a lot of cairns! 

Another Block Island lighthouse, Southeast Lighthouse…one of the more elegant

I’m not sure of the names of these…I may have known at one time but the folder was just labeled “Atlantic Lighthouses“…taken from a ferry going to Provincetown.

Race Point Lighthouse, Provincetown, MA…the sky was pretty cool that day!  

Highland Lighthouse, Truro, MA…the last picture is just for fun! 

Pemaquid Point & Lighthouse, Bristol, ME…another spot I would like to photograph at sunset.  

Indian Point Lighthouse, Rockport, ME…

Curtis Island Light, Camden, ME…

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses, Portsmouth NH…

Rockland Breakwater Light, Rockland, ME…

Fenwick Light, Ocean City, MD…

Nauset Light and Three Sisters Light, Eastham, MA…Three Sisters was a bit of a disappointment but and interesting story.  If you would like to read about them, here is the link:


Nantucket Lighthouses, Sankaty Head and Brandt Point…

There are a few more lighthouses in my folders…believe it or not! But I decided to end it here…this is likely one of my longest posts and I have been at this for almost 4 hours with a few breaks here and there to let the dogs out.  I hope you enjoyed my tour of lighthouses in the U.S. and Canada.  Not sure what will be coming up next…where will I take you?  Come back to find out!  

A little lighthouse information before I end…Maine has 65 lighthouses…there are a lot I have not seen.  New Hampshire has 2 on its 17 miles of coastline…I certainly would have guessed there would be more, Massachusetts has 71, some privately owned, Rhode Island has 15 and New York has 51…I haven’t even put a dent in my region of the world…I have to work harder.  🙂 

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“What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do – especially in other people’s minds. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”

– William Least Heat Moon


I think I am going to take you the Lighthouse route…

Well, my plan has been to take you to the different lighthouses I have visited over the years though I can’t find all of them…I assumed all files with lighthouses were labeled with the word “lighthouse“…but it appears not so!  I can think of several that didn’t show up but I will eventually decide…I need to post what I can find!

I love lighthouses…I know a lot of people that do!!  I hope when I post I can come up with the appropriate story that should go along with each!  For tonight…just sending the teaser!  Sorry…if you follow me you know…it is what I sometime do!  It was a busy day…I just wanted to touch base for now to let you know what direction I decided to go in!  🙂