I have a lot of trips to post but after this last trip I have not been able to build up energy to pay enough attention to the new WordPress protocols to spend that much time on updating my blog!

In this Covid world you can’t help but think that every little ache/pain/ounce of tired is Covid related…but I have been tested…it is all allergies! I don’t know why I am stubborn about taking allergy meds except for the fact I am sick of taking medications! I take on average 9 per day for my regular health issues…adding one more to it…should be a simple consideration…its only one more! But, my brain wants to revolt against the thought and won’t generally walk me to the kitchen to take this one simple pill that will alleviate all the things that drag me down this time of the year!

In addition to this, Covid numbers are increasing in my town!! No one in my house seems to be taking it as seriously as I feel they should! In my state alone over the previous 3 days there have been over 1,000 new cases per day…haven’t seen todays numbers yet. A comment from a family member when an alert was issued on our phones yesterday…? Well, if people stopped getting tested the numbers wouldn’t be so high!! My reply…”Are you seriously being Trump right now?”…we started discussing it but I was getting angry and she wasn’t getting it…since we live together and there has to be some kind of peace and harmony until the next time I planned to leave time…I walked away and said “let’s stop discussing and remain friendly”…she sighed and we moved on!!

The atmosphere in this house has changed so much since the lockdown in March…not for the better! As the elder in this house (which I own!) with many health issues, the major concern then was my health and what should be done to protect my health! Now…it seems to be anyone but me. They want to live their lives as they please! Ok…do that by all means but clean the house as you go in/out/visit all your friends/attend large events…I could go on and on…but am I the only one that sees the selfishness of their ways??? No need to answer…not looking for back up! Just needing to get this thought off my mind so I can move on with the rest of my life!

Covid is increasing getting worse across the country…happy to have seen that the states I have dared to visit over the past 4 months are at the top of the list for healthiest states in the country! If I may have to occasionally leave this potential cesspool of potential poor health at least I know I have safe places to go and I have absolutely no problem going and staying inside for 14 days!

Over and out…carry one!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts…”

  1. Speak your mind. You should feel safe in your own home. If others that may be essentially renting space do not feel the need for following the social distancing guidelines and mask wearing , they should find alternate living arrangements.

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