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Skipping ahead a bit…

I have been on a number of trips since my last post staying home very little…took me forever to get all those pictures sorted and processed. I was waiting for a down day to get caught up but down days have been rainy days and we have had very few of those…so I kept going on trips.

Today is a down day…only a road trip yesterday but since I knew it was going to rain I decided to go some place local that other’s have been posting pictures about so I could see it for myself in all its fall splendor! The Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA…I have been there once before in the late spring/early summer but never in the fall and all of the pictures I had seen planted a bug in my head and yesterday was the day.

So, skipping (for now) the late August trip, the two September trips and the two October trips (not to mention the upcoming October trip)…I bring you the splendor that is the Old Stone Church on the Wachusett Reservoir!

There are more but I like all these the best…there were a lot of cars parked nearby but I saw very few people there…and the people in the above pictures…they were not with me…they weren’t even with each other! But it was a gorgeous 70 degree fall day! And, today is rainy, gloomy, muggy…just need the rain otherwise it can go away!

Enjoy the magnificent color that is fall in my neck of the woods!

You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will be updating my Loving Life site removing a lot of what is for sale now and putting some new items up for sale, concentrating on note cards, magnets and prints.
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See you on the road!thanks for traveling with me!!!



12 thoughts on “Skipping ahead a bit…”

  1. Mmm autumn! Funny story about our experience with Word Press and pictures last month…I posted a pic with today’s blog and it would not post in WordPress but it is there bc it shows on Facebook.! And without the pic, the story isn’t impactful. Ghaa! 😬 Hope all is well with your blogs and pics now!

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    1. Not as frustrating as it was when it first changed but have only been posting here and there while I do short local trips and edit pictures.

      Love you stories…they calm me and give me peace! 💖

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  2. Thank you and am glad the stories give you peace! We are taking only short trips locally and I love the uncomplexity (is that a real word…ha)

    Sorry it took so long to respond. I don’t know of an easy way to reply to a conversation in WordPress. How do you find the comments and respond?


    1. I get a notification from Word Press and an e-mail when someone comments and I am asked to approve the comment. And then there is a place to reply. Hmmm…I am guessing it is an option when I set things up but not sure.

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  3. I get an email like that only with first time commenters. I only saw this bc I am in WordPress at the moment. My process is I see i have a comment with a green dot on my notification bell. Next I copy and paste your name in my search tool. Then I have to guess which post of yours I commented on. Your process is simpler. Lol. Thank you for taking your time to educate me!


    1. Interesting. If I am in WordPress I get a red ball, tap on it. It opens to a list of notifications past and present and I can comment from there. Otherwise I rely on the email and notifications that drop down. All this on my phone…on my laptop I only get an email


  4. Hmm, my list of notifications shows but I can’t comment and it cuts off some of the person’s reply. I use my tablet. I’ve tried to research on WordPress and it isn’t helpful. All my settings show I should be notified thru “notifications and email.” I have the middle service (upgrade from free but less than premium.) Which one are you using? The only way I know to resolve is to call and I DREAD calling customer service anything! Lol

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  5. I upgraded to the commercial because I post so many pictures it was the only way to keep going…if settings show you should be notified thru “notifications and email” then you may have to break down and call. If it is on your tablet, can you remove the app and reinstall? I sometimes do that will other apps to “reboot” them. I have never tried with WordPress though. The other thing is maybe turn off the tablet wait 30 seconds and turn it back on? I hear you on the DREAD part! I get anxiety just thinking about it. I have to call Verizon and my bank about issues I am having and I keep putting it off! LOL

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  6. Let’s call each others companies and say we are calling “for a friend.” Then well have better success. Haha.

    I did break down right after I wrote to you and she/he was really nice and tried to help as much as possible. Chatted vs called. Bottom line solution is to install WordPress app vs using my browser. I guess I’ll try that.

    I so appreciate your helpful/serving spirit! Let me know how you do with “communicating.”

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  7. HAHAHAHA…I didn’t respond sooner because I broke down and made all the calls I was putting off! Bank call was quick and pleasant. Call about my phone ridiculously complicated but I did finally get a human that was extremely helpful but it was through texts which eventually killed my phone…but phone should be all fixed! Even discovered my dishwasher was no longer working so I took a deep breath and called for a repair tech appointment. Successful day! And…I use the app on my phone so maybe that is what allows me to get all those notifications. Good luck!!


    1. Success for you! Ya! And me bc I am in the “app” and have a place to reply. Oh thank God we got these issues resolved! I told the wordpress person I’ve had this issue for a long time but don’t like to call and she said I HEAR YOU! So funny!

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