sky, Skydiving!

Who wants to jump out of a perfectly good plane?? My son does!

I am taking a break from my regular travel blog because I went to watch my son check an item off his bucket list! He decided about 2 weeks ago that while on vacation last week…his first paid vacation in about 10 years…that he wanted to go sky diving. He had it all set up and the weather just would not cooperate so it was pushed to another day…where the weather once again decided not to cooperate and Labor Day Weekend was out of the question so he had to schedule for this week…and take an unpaid day! But…the weather was perfect and he did his thing! He is the one in the orange mask…the instructor is wearing a helmet in case Greg’s head was to snap back when the chute opens…can’t have the instructor getting injured!!!

I had told him I wanted to go and photograph his jump from the ground. He was paying extra to have them create pictures and a video but I wanted it from the ground up. He was not originally all that happy about me going but…you know, I’m a Mom and I do what I want. I did not end up going with him. I left about an hour after he did and got there about 5 minutes before he boarded the plane! His group was the first one going up. Three “students”, three instructors and a pilot/co-pilot.

The first thing he said to me when he got on the ground…”I ain’t gonna lie. I was scared!” But afterward he stayed to talk to the instructor for quite some time. He found out the next time he decides to jump, he doesn’t have to do tandem. He can jump on his own. He is very excited about this prospect. He also found out that he can go to Florida for a week to learn how to skydive, do tricks, pack his own parachute, etc. I think he is going to be looking into that also! Not now…its not safe to travel to Florida now…but I think it is a new item on his bucket list!

So…here are photos. I’ll post a few of the ones he received from Skydive Pepperell and then mine. He hasn’t received the video yet…that likely won’t be available until tomorrow. Because the device taking the pictures is on the instructor’s arm all of the pictures are sideways and I could find no way to rotate them…hope you don’t hurt yourself looking at these!

Now mine…I hope I don’t get any duplicates in here! I believe they jumped at 10,000 feet!

And that ends today’s entertainment! It was very exciting stuff for a Wednesday!

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See you on the road!— Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi Jalalud-Din

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