Not sure if WordPress will allow this to stand but here are options if you too are frustrated with the “new” WordPress…

My niece writes business blogs for a living and creates sites for clients…among other things. When I first decided to start blogging in February 2018 she recommended WordPress and after checking it out and comparing it to a few others I decided to come here. When I was ready to create my sales site in December 2019 I talked to her again and she suggested I compared Wix and WordPress and decided to go with

This has been a very frustrating day with WordPress…I shouldn’t have to spend 2-3 hrs trying to upload a feature image and images to go with the 2 paragraphs I had written! I had issues with other platforms I was trying to use…some of those might be related to my laptop being 5+ yrs old…or maybe it is the end of the full moon affecting me and has nothing to do with the laptop. That said…I still don’t like the new WordPress!

So I checked with my niece again after reviewing the information I am going to post below…you may get to see it if WordPress doesn’t delete it. They are top choice actually and for new people not used to how it used to be, it may still work. Or…maybe it still works for you? My niece reminded me my sales site has a blog page. I use it once and a while when I come back from a trip or just want to share a few quick images from a trip. I don’t believe there is a means to have someone follow as you all do now but I, after much consideration, am moving on and going to make it my sole site for blogging. I am hoping you will all figure out a way to continue to follow me. I am not doing this for sales reasons…I am doing this because it is a platform I know and am comfortable with at this time. I currently use

I am not canceling this site at this time…I just won’t be adding to it. I am paid up I believe until December…or maybe February…or some time in between. 🙂

My sales site/blog is:

I hope you can figure out…or I can figure out…a way to still have you follow me! I will miss you all!

Here is the post I found about the top 13 best blogging sites for your consideration:

You may be able to find better…wishing you all the best! Stay healthy and safe out there!

Though not my typical blog…I end with a travel quote and am doing that today!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

14 thoughts on “Not sure if WordPress will allow this to stand but here are options if you too are frustrated with the “new” WordPress…”

    1. I started following you…I have read some of your stories before but I wanted to see if you were able to publish “Joy”…congratulations…good story!

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      1. Thank you for reading mine. I was able to publish and more joy stories will follow! “JOY” isnt getting ripped out of my hands, despite all the computer world complexities. I’m keeping my blogs shorter now for simplicities sake. I see more bloggers are complaining about the new version. Hopefully WordPress will figure out that new versions should make it EASIER! I see Outlook for Android already went back to their old version. Yey! Let me know if your new wix allows followers and I will subscribe. Take care.

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      2. Thank you for letting me know that you were able to post. I know the phone has the original but all my images are on the laptop. You have encouraged me. I will try WordPress again but a travel blog without pictures…it’s not the same

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      3. I have only ever been able to post 1 picture and assumed it is because I have the middle membership vs the top premium. If I keep the size of my image to 1.3mb or less, it uploads. I crop as much as possible.

        If you search on blogger “river’ world”, her newest post shows her images all messed up and how she is very unhappy. If you need humor, her blogs are great for that though (other than today’s sad blog.)

        I was just able to post another blog and it worked so ya to this success. Let me know how you fare.

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      4. You inspired me to try again but I decided to do some homework first and check out all the options…classic is an option I didn’t see the other day and after “practicing “ I feel a little more comfortable with it. It is letting me load pictures without the error message.
        I will look for river world!
        It’s taking longer but not as frustrating as the other day!
        Thank you for sharing your success!

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  1. Indeed a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. Do you think your moving may have anything to do with the block editor? A lot of people are currently disliking it and opting for other options but if this is your reason you could use the wordpress app and switch back to classic. Again, I’d like to ask. Does Wix have a supportive community like wordpress? Y’know people that’ll like your content and leave a comment as frequently as possible or everyone’s got to be an email subscriber?


    1. Thank you for commenting Eromonsele. My consideration to move has everything to do with the new block editor. I use the WordPress app that is on my phone and occasionally just to post a simple update but all of my images are on the laptop and since I write a travel blog that, in my opinion, would not be complete without those images, I must blog on the laptop. I am not canceling my account with WordPress at this time and I will attempt to post again with pictures but it claims all of my pictures are too large so it is unlikely if they continue with this edition/change to WordPress that I will stay here. Wix may not have the supportive community…I still have not looked that far into it but a supportive community (as much as I love it) is not the only consideration with my blog…to me there is no blog without the images. I don’t believe everyone has to be an e-mail subscriber to leave a comment. If you choose to stay with WordPress then I wish you well with their current offering.


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