I seriously do not like the new WordPress format…

To all of my followers…this may very well be my one of my last posts with WordPress! I do not like there new format at all. I had tried it previously and found it difficult and time consuming so I changed back to the original format. Now I find that I do not have a choice but to use if I want to continue with WordPress. I spent over 2 hours just writing 2 paragraphs and trying to insert my images…I have to keep undoing and retrying because it doesn’t like the size of my images.

I am off in search of a new platform. I will come back and let you know what I end up doing. Blogging is supposed to be fun…not frustrating. I thought it was working quite well as it was…no reason to change. I know…old dog/new tricks…I don’t mind being the old dog but as such, I don’t have time for new tricks when the old tricks suited me just fine!

10 thoughts on “I seriously do not like the new WordPress format…”

      1. Me…”I have limited time to write a quick blog today.” An hour later after I took bunches of pictures with my tablet and phone and they were all too large, I tried the new WordPress and my typing screen kept disappearing. And I was attempting to do a blog on JOY! Haha.

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  1. I haven’t finished researching because I am trying to resolve another problem but I have a blog on my sale site. I don’t use it as often but I’m going to try it now. That platform is on


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