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Hello! Having an amazingly great time in Maine…again!

Hi everyone!!!  I have not had a chance to update because though I thought when heading up here there would be a few down days due to weather…bad weather has been overnight and I have missed nothing that I set out to do/accomplish!  The downside to that is…I have not had time to process/edit pictures…I have uploaded between my phone and camera over 2,000 pictures but with no time to edit…I can’t post!  

One of the things I did was a trip out to Eastern Egg Island to see Puffins!  That probably added several hundred pictures to what I took because…you know, I would want to see everything they want to do…I put it on a sport setting.  And of course, speaking of a sport setting…there were a few kids at the Footbridge in Boothbay Harbor that were diving off the pier…I put them on sport setting so I wouldn’t miss anything!  

So…I hope you may be a few more days before I am prepared to post all my awesome and amazing experiences up here.  Captain Bob…Morning in Maine…you will be amongst my first mentions!  

Exciting stuff coming up…hope you are as excited as I am!!!  

Sadly…until I figure out the new updates for Windows and Google…I don’t have access to the Featured Image I want!!  

Come back in a few days!!


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