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All good things must come to an end…but, a full day before we head home!

So, sadly it is time to head home…but first my sister decided to treat me to breakfast at a place in Wells, ME that she and her husband go to when they go to Wells.  Did I ever say thank you Chris?  My bad if not…and thank you for that treat…so good!  Oh…it was the Merriland Farm Cafe.  Great social distancing, got a great table in the shade outside, unbelievably fantastic food, great service…what more can you ask for at a restaurant!?  Chris had, I believe, one of the specials of the day which was a cream cheese stuffed french toast loaded with blueberries and a side of honey maple bacon…is your mouth watering yet?  I had a meat loaded omelet with breakfast potatoes and a whole grain piece of toast…equally amazing!  Just to tease you…

So amazing!  Don’t you just want to drive there for breakfast?!  

Instead of driving south to head home…because it wasn’t even noon yet…we headed north to the Portland Head Lighthouse.  I don’t think I have been here before but the whole time we were there I was having deja vu moments.  Maybe I went there was my husband decades ago and just don’t remember!  If you regularly follow me you know I have a serious fondness for lighthouses!  Sorry…but I can’t apologize for that love.  While here, as I think I mentioned in the first post about this trip, we met a very nice gentleman, Kris, and his wife, Marilyn.  He is an artist that currently lives in Maine, has been here for quite some time and came by way of Scotland.  He had a shop there before moving to the States, had a shop in Maine for quite some time and now is enjoying the semi-retired life.  He had a lovely display set up with some of his works and I made a purchase of one of his works called “The Bluenose”…a ship out during a storm.  Beautiful watercolor print!  There is a self portrait of him out there that he did of himself and it looks just like him.  I was going to post it here but I don’t have legal rights to do that…but here is a link if you want to go check out his work:


We spent some very pleasant time here walking around, taking pictures, enjoying the views and just enjoying the day! There may be some duplicates though I am trying my best to weed them out!  And the bird rolling around in the dirt?  My sister said it was nesting…a very interesting thing to watch.  I was mesmerized! 

In addition to getting to see the Portland Head Lighthouse, off in the distance you can see two other lighthouses…I think but have not been able to verify that they are Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse and Rams Island Ledge Lighthouse.  The two distant ones are posted above but appear too inconsequential so I am posting them separately here full-size:

7 12 20 Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth ME (7 of 42)

7 12 20 Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth ME (13 of 42)

And it is time to head home…2+ hours to my house and once there we have to transfer my sister’s belonging to her car so she can do her almost 1.5 hr drive to her house.  Thank you to my sister Chris for coming along and sharing all of her photos with me!  There are so many of them included above!  And thank you all for traveling along with us!  

Tomorrow I head back to Maine but I am going further north and then making my way south before heading home.  I am going to start in Rockland, ME, head to Boothbay Harbor and down to York.  I have a pretty full schedule planned but since I started planning it many – too many – of the days are now showing rain and/or thunderstorms at least part of each day!  Weather in New England can change in a heartbeat so I am hoping none of my planned days out get canceled because I won’t have time to reschedule anything.  Please follow along…I will post each day if I can.  

You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will be updating my Loving Life site removing a lot of what is for sale now and putting some new items up for sale, concentrating on note cards, magnets and prints.

Instagram: lovinglifewithkmgphotography 

See you on the road! — Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!

“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.”

– Stephen Covey



3 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end…but, a full day before we head home!”

  1. I love the Merriland Farm Cafe. I went there a few years ago on a girlfriends weekend. (6 of us) Food was excellent.


    1. Perfect! I’m going to York in a few days and am going to try to go back before I head home!


    2. Bad planning on my part! I won’t make it back this trip!! Best reason to come back in the future!! I can almost taste those blueberries!! 😯


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