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I was curious…where to take you…

Well, it is July 3rd…besides being my brother-in-law’s birthday…hehehe…I am sitting here all by myself…well, my son’s dogs are with me…two pits are good to have by your side…and was wondering what to post next!  I was away in Vermont 3 years ago today…I picked 3 years ago because 2 years ago (weirdly in VT then also) was already posted.  So…you get part of a trip…from 2017 in Vermont!  Everyone loves Vermont during the summer!   Well, I guess everyone loves Vermont during the fall but a ton of people go to Vermont during the summer!  🙂  

So…on this day we start out on a schooner…what better way to enjoy a July day when it is hot?  Out on the water!  In this case…the Whistling Man Schooner on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT…OK…yes, lots of pictures but it was a long afternoon/early evening out on the water!  🙂  

Well, since not edited I guess looking back a dozen or two…or three…could have been eliminated but I hope you got to feel that whole experience.  🙂  

An area right next door to the ship I went out on was the Echo Center…I spent a few hours here on the day I did the cruise out on Lake Champlain…a very cool place to visit if you are spending time in Burlington!  It is a lovely area with the park on both sides….and if you should decide to go here for a visit…there is a lovely restaurant out on one of the piers!  Splash at the Boathouse…good food, good drinks!  Walk home or take a taxi!  🙂  

Just a little bit of VT farmland on my way to another destination!….

And ending the day…again, unedited and likely way too may images!!  But…the Vanderbilt home and gardens in Shelburne, VT.…not posting a link about it but there are excellent posts out there about the history of this location!!  Check it out!

It’s only one day out of a multiple day trip…I hope you enjoyed this day!!!

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See you on the road!
— Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”

– Paolo Coelho

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