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A little bit of Bermuda 2017…

I have been to Bermuda 4 times since 1978.  The first time with my husband, 2 of his brother’s, a friend and their spouses. The second time my husband and I went on a cruise…our first cruise.  The third time my husband and I decided to take the family…mine…not sure why his wasn’t included in this. This group consisted of my two son’s, 3 grandchildren (the youngest wasn’t born yet), my elder son’s first wife, her new husband, his son and my older son’s current life partner. You know…not a combination anyone would expect…and my ex-d-i-l was working on her Master’s Degree at the time so her needs were slightly different…but acknowledged. The fourth trip was with Thelma in 2017…she had never been there before and really wanted to go…plus it was in her budget.

I did a cruise in the Caribbean in 2014 with my son’s, daughter-in-law, 4 grandchildren and Thelma.  We flew down to Miami and stayed there for a few days before and a few days afterward.  This trip was my treat to everyone for one of my milestone birthdays but my oldest grandson had also graduated high school so we had lots to celebrate.  All they had to pay for were their drinks and excursions…trust me…they can do some serious drinking!  

 A few days of this trip are missing because…me being me….I’m sure they ended up in a folder where they do not belong but I think I found enough to make this post worthwhile?  You have to be the judge of that…

I found no files from when we left Boston Harbor…a shame because though it was a miserably cloudy, foggy day leaving port, I saw more Lighthouses than I felt I might be able to see if I took some type of smaller sail out of Boston Harbor…I think 3-4 that are now in a folder that is unknown to me!  🙂  We did head out into a storm…and the captain wisely decided to keep us along the shore as we headed down to Bermuda…we didn’t head in the direction we normally would have…this made us miss the first day excursion we scheduled…credit after discussion to our individual accounts!  Important part…we arrived safely and no seasickness!  

Before adventures start we did walk around port for a bit a few times so I’ll show you where we docked, our ship and other things you may see around port.  

One thing that I have had on every cruise I have ever taken (7) have been towel characters!  No cruise is complete without them…and this cabin steward was very creative!  A lobster, an octopus, monkey, polar bear, frog…all fun! 

A few of the excursions we had planned we did separately because a lot of what she wanted to see I had seen before…as many times as I have been to Bermuda, there are still things I have not seen and stories I have not heard.  One of my excursions was to the aquarium, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.  It is a relatively small aquarium but we were there about 2 hours.  

Over the several days we were in port and on various travels I accumulated a handful of images of local birds and flowers…beautiful flowers! 

One of the things we did together was a Segway Tour around part of the island.  We thought it was going to just be around port but we got a pleasant surprise when we headed out.  We did practice in port first though…I needed it!  I fell on my knees the first time I tried to stop…fortunately it was on grass and not cement!  I was the only one who fell but I was an old pro by the time we got back. And one of the guys felt bad and made sure to stay behind me along the way just in case I fell again.  🙂 

One of the nights we were there we did a Bermuda Triangle Sunset Tour…yes, we went into the Bermuda Triangle and survived to come back out.  We did see a sunken boat while we were out there. It was cool to be out in a smaller boat and look back at our ship as well as the other ship in port.  Also, when returning at the end of the night seeing the ships lit up.   

Because it was so amazingly beautiful I am posting the sunset portion of the tour separately.  One of the most magnificent sunsets I had ever seen! I think it is rare to see an ocean look so glass like!  

At the end of the day when we were walking back to the ship we lucked out!  There were fireworks going off so we slowed our walk and stayed outside until it was over.  A very pleasant surprise. Here are just a few of them.  

On the last full day in Bermuda we decided to take the ferry into Hamilton.  It is a great town to walk around and do a little shopping.  Plenty of restaurants to choose from (we chose the Pickled Onion) , candy shops and we even went into a shop so Thelma could get a gift of rum for her son and his fiance. Lots of pictures being shared because it was a nice long day!  Taking the ferry back to port we sail a lot of sailboats with brands on their sails…one of them is below with Land Rover on the sail…more on that later.  Oh…and there is a picture of Thelma from the back posted below…she would not be happy with me if she knew I posted a picture of her…though it is from the back!  And don’t you just love the color of the homes in Bermuda?! 

Back to the sailboats we saw coming back to port…as it turned out the America’s Cup race was being held in Bermuda this year…we were leaving to head back to Boston on the 10th and the race starts on the 17th…it would have been cool to be there when it was happening!  It turned out quite a few of the sailboats on the water that day were practicing for the race.  We saw them while on the ferry and also once we got back to our room.  

Our last night in Bermuda…:-(   There was a lovely sunset but nothing like the night we went to the Bermuda Triangle. The moon was so bright it lit everything up!   

Time to leave Bermuda…not sure why but I was up with sunrise so I grabbed my camera and went out onto the balcony…all while moving out to sea.  

I went inside briefly to get dressed and back out onto the balcony to enjoy leaving Bermuda and heading out to sea. Since I am not a morning person and it is rare for me to be up at sunrise I decided to see the exit from Bermuda for the first time.

 We saw a show almost every day we were at sea and in port but for whatever reason I only have pictures from the circus we went to see.  I have to say, options for entertainment were not great on this cruise.  It was really like the director got bored with his job and was passing that boredom onto us! But the circus was fun and kids who came on the cruise got to participate…they spent several days at “cruise camp” practicing their parts in the circus.  

We left Bermuda on the 10th and we would be arriving in Boston on the 12th…one other morning I woke up while we were at sea at sunrise…then went back to bed.  🙂  A completely different sunrise from when we were leaving!  

Then boom…time to come into Boston…it was very overcast…much like it was when we left.  Because I wasn’t paying attention I didn’t see the lighthouses coming back.  😦 

 And that brings this post to an end.  Not sure what adventure will come up next but I hope you enjoyed this and will join me on the next one!  

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See you on the road!
— Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

– Dalai Lama

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