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Have you been to Maine? If no, you will love it!

Again, going through my pictures trying to figure out where to take you and I came upon a trip I took in 2017.  I headed to Maine with a destination in mind and as sometimes happens when I drive, I extended my stay as I explored.  I am not going to post the entire trip but rather just a few days traveling through Rockland, Rockport, Camden, Tenants Harbor, and another town or two. All involve the water which is what draws me to them.  

I think, that this first area is Topsham though it may be Harpswell also…not sure because I was in search of a lighthouse and that is how I decided to label the folder! I know that part of it if not all is St. George because they have the metal sculptures of the knight on a horse slaying the dragon. How is that for wishy washy!? 

Next up are some images going to and while in Rockland.  

Next up was driving around to find Port Clyde…there is a lighthouse there I really wanted to find. Farming on the coast…nice!   

Rockland Breakwater Light…

Not necessarily taken in the order visited because there are a couple sunset shots here…

Rockport Marine Park…super yacht was in port…with its own helicopter and needed two fuel trucks to fill the fuel tanks.  

A few more of the Rockport area and then Camden Harbor…in Camden Harbor waiting to go out on the Olad Schooner, a few lobstermen came in and were sorting what lobsters could be kept and which could go back in the water.  

Then it was time for a sunset sail around Penobscot Bay as well as a lighthouse, Curtis Island Lighthouse…

Sunset moving and changing as we go past the land at varying elevations…

A little more sunset and Curtis Island Lighthouse…one of the images at sunset is from Penobscot Bay looking up at Mount Battie with the two towers.  

The next set is out of order.  It is from when we first left the pier and the first mate/captain talked about lobstering, teaching the kids on board a few things…going by Curtis Island Lighthouse earlier in the trip while it was still light. When you get a license to go out for lobster you are assigned and area and everyone has a different color of buoy so when the traps go down everyone knows where to find their traps…mess with the order of things and bad things will happen…and certainly have!  

This ends the adventure for today!  Tomorrow is Damariscotta Harbor, Lincolnville, another cruise with a lighthouse, a trip to the top of Mount Battie in Camden overlooking Penobscot Bay, Tenants Harbor and a visit to the infamous Pemaquid Point & Lighthouse.  

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See you on the road!
— Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!

”Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.”

Tom & Anna 

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