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Curious?  🙂  I needed a short post so I don’t forget to post…cuz if I forget to post once I may procrastinate and it could be days before I post again.  Did I ever mention I am the worst and totally believe at times…Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow…especially when you are retired!?  

This visit to see the birds was part of a week long trip to Vermont back in 2017 but since I have been procrastinating about getting my taxes done (they extended it to July 15 from April 15 due to the virus) I feel this is something I need to pursue today!  All of the paperwork has been in a bin behind me since March…well, I did move it next to me for a brief period of time but then my grandson came and spent the night in May and since he is too tall for a bed here…I had to clear the couch to give him room to spread out…all 6’2″ of him!  Now that bin is next to me again and have you have heard a bin scream at you to just get it done?!  🙂 

Now that I have discussed my faults, let’s get back to business!  Trip to Vermont and the birds!  Have you ever heard of VINS?  I hadn’t but it is a wonderful organization in Quechee, VT and VINS stands for Vermont Institute of Natural Science.  It is primarily, as I understand it, about education and wild bird rehabilitation and my sole reason for going to VT this particular time!    

Before I move on, I want to share the link to the website though I understand most of my followers don’t live in the U.S…we would like you to come visit and VT any time of the year is spectacular…though fall and winter…amazing! The people working here, the grounds…a must see if you go to VT…and Quechee…that is a whole other story that with my current discipline I don’t have time to share…by current discipline I mean time…taxes…remember?  Stuck in my head….go…enjoy the VINS website: 


I was going to start posting by saying….”my favorite birds in the order I love them”…can’t….I love them all…I am going to pretend I remember the alphabet and try to go from there…

We start with a Barn Owl that had been recently injured and there for rehab…

Next up…a gorgeous Barred Owl…sorry…not sorry…this guy is my favorite though not the one I have the most pictures of…is it not the most gorgeous bird you have ever seen!!!  

Then we have the Black Vulture…who would think a vulture would be a gorgeous specimen!?  ME!  It had been injured and here for rehabilitation…It’s a vulture…it is beautiful!

And one last bird…the Harris HawkBarred Owl still have to be my favorite but this guy is made for autumn…handsome and blending in with the scenery!  

I hope you enjoyed this day at VINS!  Full disclosure though…I am NOT an employee of VINS, I don’t donate to VINS, not what most would consider a supporter of VINS…I love this place…I love what they do, why they do it, how they do it!  I encourage all that love what they stand for to go visit or support!  I stay as neutral as I can as a blogger!  Sorry VINS…still love you! 

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.

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See you on the road!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!


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