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A day trip to Boston, Little Brewster Island, and a Duck Tour!

I am not 100% sure how we came to decide to do this Lighthouse Cruise because when it requires driving into Boston I am in general opposed…I might skirt the city with a visit every now and then but actually taking the Pike into Boston…I cringe!  It was a Sunday so traffic was 50/50 on crazy because though it was quite overcast on the water it was a perfect September day temperature wise but we did it and had such a good time on the cruise we decided to continue being tourists and do the Duck Tour also.  Neither Thelma or I had ever done that before and thought it would be fun.  

The toughest part of the day was finding parking…unless you want to walk a country mile searching the city for on street parking it is easier to just find a garage close to your destination and cross your fingers you won’t have to give up your first born child to pay for a days worth of parking!  But we found it close to the boat we were going to be taking and headed out!  

The lighthouses included on this tour were Boston Harbor Light, Long Island Head Light, Graves Light.  I remember seeing them but I only have (or can only find) images from Boston Harbor Light.  and that is on Little Brewster Island…where we were able to get out and spend quite a bit of time exploring, including going inside the lighthouse though I opted not to climb to the top…given the condition of my hips and the claustrophobia.

 After we arrived, we got to get out and walk around at our leisure.  The only thing they really asked of us was that we allow the people who were in the lighthouse in front of us time to leave before we entered.  There was also and interesting display inside of shipwrecks, lighthouse caretakers and an amazing Lego lighthouse! There was also a small cemetery where the pets from previous caretakers were buried.   

9 10 17 Visiting Boston Light (42 of 69)

There is another section inside before you approach the spiral staircase heading to the light at the top that has a couple of the old lens showing how they have changed over the years.  

Could you imagine yourself living out here year round alone or with your family?  If you have never experienced the Northeast during the winter you have to wonder if they could possibly pay you enough!  I would have no problem doing it for 3 seasons but come the end of October-early November I would be begging for someone to come get me!  It is a beautiful spot though! I love that you can see the Boston Harbor Skyline off in the distance and one of the neighborhoods in Hull across from Little Brewster Island.  There is a lighthouse below off in the distance…the picture before the Boston Light Plaque…that may be Graves Light but I remember is being more of a brownish, sand color…but it is one of the other 2 lighthouses.  

Before leaving the island and heading back into port I am posting a video which was taken on the island…just about 45 seconds worth.  Sorry about it going sideways at the end…I was trying to get a horizontal of the Boston skyline!  Didn’t work too well.  And though Logan is not too far away, the noise at the end is the engine of the boat.  

Now it is time to head back into Boston Harbor.  We do go past Castle Island…we have never been there but my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren go there all the time.  One day shortly after this we did make our way back into Boston to enjoy Castle Island. It is a lovely spot to spend the day with a small restaurant for take-out, a picnic area and a lot of walking paths.   

After getting off the boat we walked around a little and ended up by the spot where the Duck Tours sell tickets and take off from…we started joking around that we should do it and the timing was great.  They had one leaving in about 10 minutes so we bought out tickets and got in line!  I had driven through most of the areas we saw on land…except I had never seen the Swan Boats before…not sure I could find that spot again but it was cool to see them because I had only seen them on TV or movies. My favorite parts of the city are the Back Bay, Faneuil Hall and the North End…we passed through or by these areas (well, not Fanuiel Hall) but if you were in town for a short period of time this gives you a feel for what you may want to do the next day or the next time you would be in town.  What I was most excited about was the water portion of the Duck tour but I get ahead of myself…I believe there be other pictures toward the end of the roof of the “bus”…but it signed at the request of the driver or guide by all military current and former who ride with them…name, rank, where they served, some where they are from and some a little more.  You can see in the 2nd picture that there is writing.   

 The water portion of the Duck Tour

After the Duck Tour was over we walked around a little bit before deciding to find some place to eat.  We decided to have dinner at the Boston Sail Loft…an interesting place right on the water.  A nice casual meal with a glass of wine before bailing the car out and heading home after a most relaxing day! 

I am going to back up a little bit before I post what I think is one of the most coolest parts of the day. When we were coming back into Boston Harbor at the end of the cruise there was a mega yacht that was the biggest “boat” I had ever seen besides an oceanliner/cruise ship.  This was a privately owned mega yacht! This spectacular piece of engineering is named the Mayan Queen and is owned by Alberto Bailleres…306′ long and valued at about $175,000,000.00! 

Okay…I am over the rich and foolish!  What I think was one of the better parts of the day?  Have you heard of the Rose Kennedy Greenway?  We saw just a tiny part of it and some of the images above are of the area but the best part…The Carousel!  If you love carousels you will love this one!

It was an amazing day…when I ended my stories about my trip to Kauai I had no idea what was going to come up next. This is just a day trip so now I have to figure out…what next?  I hope you enjoyed this day in Boston and it perhaps will inspire you to come visit?  

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See you on the road!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert


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