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A full day before heading for the airport…last of Kauai!

My 150th post!…

I checked out of the hotel at 11:00 and had 7 hours to kill before my flight so I decided to find a lighthouse that the guide had told us about that first full day.  All I knew was that it was “behind” the Marriott.  I put the name of the lighthouse in Waze and it sent me on my way…to nowhere!  I drove around a golf course for a very long time and could not for the life of me find that lighthouse.  At one point Waze told me to take a left…onto a golf cart path.  I did find a dirt road at one point and started to go down it in the rental but there were too many holes and large rocks to be dodging.  It may have been down that road because I could hear waves crashing in the distance but I wasn’t willing to walk it either for fear of breaking an ankle and there would have been no one around to help me!  

Driving up the road toward the Marriott the trees and grounds were beautifully kept…it is after all built with a golf course around it.  There were also some gorgeous flowers.  

A few shots from around town…the movie theater turned into senior housing was cool, a metal Christmas tree…no lights on because it is day time, a heron out of nowhere landing on the fence…

With no luck with finding the lighthouse I decided to go for some last minute gifts to take home to everyone…well, I had already purchased a few for the grandkids and I don’t usually get the adults anything but I had time to kill and was feeling generous.  This place was amazing…I was here for about 2 hours just walking around and enjoying the property.  You should not leave Kauai without checking this out! – Kilohana Plantation.  They have a store, restaurant, train station and a 40 minute train ride around the property and into the orchards, a tasting room, a variety of rums…if you like rum, so much for you to enjoy! 

11 20 17 Last full Kauai day (1 of 5)

After doing this I decided to return the car rental rather than risk getting stuck and traffic and not able to get to the airport on time.  Before 4 hours early…less stress!  

The rest of this post is dedicated to images from the plane leaving Kauai and coming into Logan…Leaving Kauai…

Heading into Logan…at sunset!  The last image says it is a video…its not but I accidentally had it on “live” when I took the picture on my phone…why does Apple think a phone needs “live” pictures??  

I look at pictures taken from the plane and think if the world looks this amazing from 30,000 feet what must it be like from a space ship!? I took 40 shots coming into Logan…I am only sharing 15.  


This ends the trip to Kauai.  I have no idea where I will take you next…hmm.  You will have to come back and see but in the meantime…thank you for traveling with me! 

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See you on the road!

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