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Touring Kauai…

I had a short list of things I wanted to see driving around the island today and sadly, I kept horrible notes about what I did unexpectedly see.  I was able to look at signs in my pictures or google areas I thought I was in and figure a couple of them out but beaches…which I thought would be easier to figure out…not so much.  I do remember that I headed toward the north shore and that I stopped in Princeville for a little shopping and lunch.  But I get ahead of myself.

My hotel was fairly close to Lihue where the airport is so I decided my first stop would be Lydgate Beach Park.  From the information I had seen it would be a lovely spot to stop for a short time and take in the breeze and beauty of the area.  It was indeed!  

Another stop on my list was the Wai’oli Hui’ia Church in Hanalei.  It is a church built in 1912 but the bell is from 1834 and is beautiful.  It is also a lovely little town.  After visiting the church I went to check out the one way bridge, the Hanalei Bridge and Hanalei Valley.  The sky got dark while I was there but it never rained…at least not directly over us. The story about the bridge is interesting and if you would like more information, check out this website…

Kauai’s Historic Hanalei Bridge – Welcome to Hanalei Bay!

After leaving Hanalei Valley I decided to head to Princeville a few miles away to have some lunch and see what the shops had to offer.  I found a shopping area that had many stores and restaurants.  I have no food photos to share but I stopped at two shops on the way to the restaurant I chose and took 2 shots of things that amused me and then lunch at Tiki Iniki…the woman in the picture seated me…she was not my server.  I loved her free spirit outfit!  

A quick stop to Kapa’a to see the canal, Waika’ea Canal and beach on the other side of it, Waipouli Beach?…

Next up I was driving along and saw all of this greenery with the water and the green and blue together caught my attention so I pulled over to enjoy it for a bit. Looking at these it may actually be different areas but the metadata in the images says they were all taken around the same time so I am not sure…lovely either way.    

Another spot I stopped at spur of the moment because I saw some people surfing…or attempting to surf.  I’m not 100% sure but I think this may have been Anini Beach or maybe Shipwreck Beach…I spent quite a bit of time here before I moved on.  I don’t remember which beach it was but I do remember getting in and out of the parking area was hazardous to the health of my rental car. The truck waiting to get out of the parking area ahead of me…priceless!   

Before I post my last real spot for the day I had a small collection of images left over that don’t really go together but I don’t want to leave them out…

This brings me to the spot where I spent the most time because dusk was nearing, clouds were rolling in and the sky was beautiful with color and dark.  I might be posting too many but I guess you will judge that…this may be Shipwreck Beach, Anini Beach or some beach that I just don’t know the name of but it was the perfect place to end the day…oh, and I will be posting a video because the waves came in sideways quite a few times.  At this time I had never seen this happen before…I have twice since then…once in New Hampshire at Hampton Beach and once on the Cape.  

Video of the waves at times going sideways…2.5 minutes…I hope it works when I post!  

One the way back to the hotel I made a couple quick stops because the mountains caught my attention…

Tomorrow is my last full day in Kauai before I head home…be sure to come back to see how I spend my day!  

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See you on the road!


Dave & Deb

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