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A simple truth…mud bugging is a messy business but someone has to do it!…

This should be a relatively short post because all I did today was go to the location for the meet up, go on the tour, go back to the meeting spot to take a fully clothed shower before getting in my rental (don’t be covered in mud when you have to get in a rental car!) and head to the tour companies store front location…to get a thumb drive with pictures from them…I believe it was $20 for 74 pictures which at some point lost clarity because the tour guides phone/camera kept getting muddy and then back to the hotel…about a 4-6 hour day.

I had no clue what was really involved in this, a general idea yes…a clue, no!  I changed out of my own shirt and put on one they gave me but the rest of what I had on was mine and after the day out had to be thrown away…everything…sneakers, underwear, shorts, the whole 9 yards!  I had to wear sandals the rest of the time I was on my trip. 

I brought my Nikon camera that was about 6 months old along in the camera bag.  The guide put it in the passenger seat with the seat belt on and if it only had to contend with the water and mud splashing all over it it may have survived without a problem.  But minutes after we started heading out it started lightly raining and by the time we got to the waterfall it was pouring!  I got it out of the seat when we stopped at the waterfall and they gave me an extra bandanna to try to dry it off and it worked for awhile but it turns out the bag can not sit in a puddle of water for an extended period of time without serious damage.  I had to throw the camera bag away in the end because it was filled with mud and there was no saving it.  Most everyone on the tour was using the camera on their phone…no idea how they were keeping them dry or if they even survived the day.  On the bright side…the camera could be repaired and it was covered under the warranty…it cost me nothing!   

Enough of that…I was early to the meeting spot even though I went to the store front location first.  The guy told me to go across the road and hang out until everyone was accounted for.  This tour was with Kauai ATV and it was the waterfall tour.  Across the road where I was told to wait was a really cool old sugar mill, Koloa Sugar Mill, there was an amazing tree with the dark clouds behind it, 2 beautiful horses, a gorgeous yellow flower that made me want a lemonade to drink and a few chickens.  

And it was time to hit the muddy trail…it had rained overnight and was lightly raining as we headed out so there was certain to be plenty of mud.  As a heads up, some of the upcoming images are mine and some are from the tour company…I did purchase the flash drive with 74 images.  I edited their images without much success though.  The longer we were out there the blurrier they got but I am including some because I could not drive and take pictures and it is kind of cool when you see someone splashing through a big puddle!  

These are all taken by the tour guide as we line up nice and clean, also a group picture before we head into the Ha’upu Range Tunnel and tunnel built back in the late 40’s-early 50’s after a farm and a plantation merged to give access to both.  

A little further down the road we stopped at a “hidden” tunnel…related to World War II.  I am claustrophobic so I stayed in my buggy and chatted with one of the guides. He was kind enough to take a picture of me with my bandanna protecting me against mud.  🙂   

Next they had us stop and line up while the guide ran ahead to take pictures of us heading toward the big puddle ahead…most of us opted not to go through the biggest part of the puddle and a few, me included, opted to not go through at all.  Sharing one of the first guy through who opted to hit the puddle pretty much at full speed.  I will also say here before I forget…this plantation we went through on the way to the waterfall is the site of many movies including Jurassic Park and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.  More on a bit of this later…

11 18 17 Most images taken by Kauai ATV tour guides (14 of 74)

This, I guess, is from a scene in the Fast & Furious movie though I have never seen it…a very sharp corner in the road.  

11 18 17 Most images taken by Kauai ATV tour guides (25 of 74)

And then we got to the waterfall and the guide hopped out to get a picture of us at our muddy best…before anyone jumped into the water!  Just a couple of them…

The waterfall…several people enjoyed it very much! The first two were taken by the tour guide…the rest are mine.  

Another good size puddle to drive through…just a few…

Next up…as we were almost to the end of the tour, the guide had us stop and wanted us to scream or yell…or go through the motions.  Then he held up a toy dinosaur.  We were in front of one of the fields from Jurassic Park…what we saw when he held up that small toy and what you are about to see…quite different!  Most everyone has the same expression though I started laughing and couldn’t stop.  

Just a few other from the tour that I took…

Now a picture back at the meeting spot of everyone covered in mud before we took showers.  Taking showers…fully clothed, most of us at one time and with cold water outdoors…just so you don’t get an image of us in a lovely tiled room with hot water and soap. I think all things considered we all look pretty good!  🙂 

11 18 17 Most images taken by Kauai ATV tour guides (74 of 74)

I did, as I said above, go to the store front where the office is to purchase the flash drive.  Just a few there…you know, so you recognize it when you are ready to go there.  🙂 

Before I post how I want to end this, I just want to share a few from the hotel grounds…sunrise when I woke up and a after I got back at the end of the day. 

On the way back to the hotel, I saw this which I had not noticed before…

Mahalo...Until we meet again! (1 of 1)

Mahalo everyone!  I’m going to leave you guessing about tomorrow because it is after midnight and I’m too tired to go look.  🙂

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See you on the road!


                                                 Dave & Deb

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