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All around Kauai…

Because I had to be out early I got to see sunrise…very rare for me!  And I was fortunate that I was able to see it from my balcony…not sure how I could see sunset the night before and sunrise this morning but I like it! Had to do a little leaning over the railing but it is worth it!

Not like me to book a tour on the first full day of a trip but I did this time.  I had to be out in front of the hotel at 7:45 to be picked up.  The van was late because of work on the road…yes, even in Hawaii!  The tour was supposed to be a air/river/land tour but the river portion did get canceled because the air part went over by about 15 minutes and we missed the boat when we got there.  The whole day was amazing though…

During my wait I got to enjoy the Koi, a beautiful flower and a little bit of people watching…

First part of the tour was from the air…Princeville is not my favorite area of Kauai because it is almost all hotels, very expensive condos and golf courses…but it is a part I recognized from the air…there were rainbows up there!  I had bought a fish eye lens right before this trip to put on my phone and I played with it while up in the air.  The pink you see reflecting in the window in a couple pictures is the lanyard I bought so I could put the phone around my neck without having to worry  about dropping it.  Our pilot barely looked like she was old enough to have graduated from high school but she assured us she had 5 years experience as a pilot!  I have 104 pictures in my folder…I used great restraint by only posting 41.  

So after the plane landed, people were invited to shop for a few minutes before getting in the van to head to the boat for the river portion of the tour but people being people…shopped a little too long and traffic being what it is even in Hawaii, we missed it! 

Back in the van, we headed for Opaekaa Falls

We made a quick stop and the guide showed us where he learned to surf when he was young…he said it was his favorite spot to surf until the day a shark showed up and he said he went and found a new favorite spot.  🙂 

Our last real stop of the day was Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and lighthouse…

I got back to the hotel around dinner time but as I was walking the grounds to my room I heard music playing and across from the pool they had entertainment.  I hung around for awhile and enjoyed the music and dancing.  

After dinner I went out to take a walk around the grounds and enjoy sunset.  It was beautiful out there!  

And that ends my first full day in Kauai.  Tomorrow I hang around the hotel until it is time to go on a Napali Coast Sunset Tour so be sure to come back for that!  

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See you on the road!

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. – Miriam Beard

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