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A Napoli Coast Sunset Sail…

I took a little time to myself this morning before heading into the town of Eleele to check in for the sunset sail at Kauai Sea Tours.  After everyone gathered we walked down to the dock, put our shoes in a basket and hopped on board our Catamaran before heading out. This was a 3.5 hour sail that included dinner and drinks. Leaving the hotel I noticed for the first time the banyan trees that lined the entrance to the hotel.  Banyan trees amaze me.  

We were warned at several points going out to the end of the coast line and coming back of swells and quite a few people were sea sick.  At times it was difficult to walk out on the somewhat narrow deck and much easier to stay inside on a comfy padded bench seat holding onto a bar with dare life and yet, I still managed to get several hundred shots that day. But first…a few of the pretty flowers that were outside the tour office.  

 Time to start the tour…some of these are a bit grainy or blurry because of the constant movement of the boat but I kept them because they are still of beautiful countryside.  I only included a portion of what was taken of the coastline that day.  

A storm came in while we were out there and the captain warned us that we should hold tight because there was a large swell or two about to hit us…most everyone who was out on deck scrambled inside though a few fools did decide to stay outside…crazy!  We didn’t have life vests on…why would they risk that?  I am going to post those pictures….what you will see is not clouds through the front window of the boat…it is the wall of water that came at us, one even went up and over the top of the boat…

The plus to a storm like that is that it blows over fairly quickly and at times will even bring you rainbows…we saw a number of them throughout the day.  You typically think of rainbows as being rounded or arced but a few of these appeared to be straight up and down…

At one point as we were traveling along the coast we came up an area where there was very white sand…according to the captain it is Barking Sands, The Pacific Missile Range Facility which is a U.S. Navy base and airport.  My Dad was in the navy…wish he had been stationed here!  Pretty sweet spot! 

And then there is the sky at various stages throughout the day…with interesting clouds some with the sun trying to get through…some as we neared sunset and even one that to me looks like it has a smiling fish face in it…

And a few birds followed us a bit…

And the grand finale…the reason for the sail…sunset!  

Getting back to the dock…

11 15 17 Napoli Coast Sunset Sail (25 of 97)

Tomorrow is a full day with a little bit of self touring and the river cruise we missed the first full day…we were given vouchers to go back on our own before we went home.  So, be sure to come along!  

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See you on the road!


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