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I’m back…let’s go to the Rocky Mountains, Echo Lake Lodge to have lunch & see the hummingbirds, take the Georgetown Loop Railroad and visit Georgetown…

Wow…that is a long title!  Hope I got your attention after being away for a week!  Now let’s travel…

I was up and out of the hotel very early in the morning because I had to drive to Denver to meet up with the tour…almost a 2 hour drive and I had no idea where I was going or what rush hour traffic might be like.  I found the location fairly easily…it was at a mall but where?  I drove around the mall more times than I care to think about…getting there early it was too early to reach anyone at the tour company and I didn’t think the mall would be open so what to do?  I am not a shopper so it never occurred to me the doors would be open if stores were not but I finally decided to park and go in the mall. Again….walking around aimlessly with no one else around I had no idea which direction to go.  I tried the tour company again and was able to reach someone…I got an idea of where to go and finally found the location with no one else around though.  I sat and got comfortable! 

So…the tour started.  It was a relatively small group, the tour guide and a driver.  The guide was excellent!  We first headed to the Rocky Mountains.  One of these days I will go back there on my own I hope but it was an excellent tour.  At one point the guide saw a large herd of elk and allowed us to get out for a short period of time to get pictures…it was a huge herd and I got several pictures…which are lost!  The further up we went the more difficult it became to breath…my asthma was kicking in but the tour guide brought small O2 tanks in case needed.  By the time we got to the top I was using one. Beautiful country!

The first set of images below are driving into Denver

Below are some of the shots on the way to the Rockies…including a image of El Rancho in Evergreen, CO.  A historic trading posts that saw many dignitaries over the decades until it closed in 2012 reopening in 2015 as a brew house. 

 And then…there is a folder that has more images of when we were driving around the Rockies but that folder is hidden some place that I can’t find…this is what I could.  The gentleman in the image below were in Denver for a nieces wedding…they invited me to be their guest at the wedding but that would have meant driving back into Denver another time…I thought about it…it was a cowboy themed wedding and they offered to buy me a pair of cowboy boots and a hat…:-)  I didn’t go but they were my companions for the day.

After leaving the Rockies we headed to the Echo Lake Lodge for lunch…the dining room was pretty much set up just for us with reserved tables.  With a limited menu to speed things up we ordered and chatted.  I had a bunch of pictures of the Lodge as well as the store inside but again…those are hiding out with the missing Rockies images.  I do however have pictures of the hummingbirds…they had feeders all over the place. The two gentlemen below in the white shirts  were our guide and driver. 

Now it is time for the Georgetown Loop Train ride…

After leaving the train we headed into the town of Georgetown, CO to stretch our legs and walk around for a bit…have a little ice cream and just enjoy the town.  

Did you see the chair made out of skis?  Loved it!

We headed back to Denver and I then headed back to Colorado Springs which ended a very long day.  I had never taken a tour like this on my own before…not one that lasted more than 8 hours.  Whenever I had gone on a tour in the past it was generally a few hours and I would typically tip $5 or so…probably cheap but it was what my husband would typically tip and for a longer tour he might…maybe…tip $10.  I watched to see what other people did…I was the last person off the bus and had been sitting in the front seat.  Some people didn’t even tip, some gave $5 or $10…for the first time every I gave $20…he hugged me!  I had never seen a guide hug someone before!  I felt good.  

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See you on the road!

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships were built – John A. Shedd


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