Next up is going to be delayed…

I have most of the Colorado Springs trip edited and in new folders but I lost the last 61 of my images and I really wanted at least 6 of them…I have no idea where they went…don’t you hate when that happens?  

Today started as usual except I was up earlier than usual…about an hour into my day the tree guy who gave me an estimate about 3 weeks back decided today would be the day he was going to take care of my tree…I opted to have it thinned rather than cut down with the stump grounded…big difference in the price!  I ran in my room to get dressed because I wanted to be out there to see what he was doing to make sure the appropriate amount was cut.  This tree is the cornerstone of my property and I live on a corner lot so this tree would be sorely missed if cut down and an eyesore to the neighborhood if too much was cut.  He was here for almost 3 hours and did a wonderful job.  My neighbors gathered to watch this cool remote controlled cherry picker go across the front yard and up to the middle of the tree to start. It looked like something from a science fiction movie.  

Two of the neighbors were so impressed with the job he did they asked him to do work for them!  

So, there went pretty much my whole morning and I walked nearly a mile going in and out of the house and up and down the street to see the tree from different angles.  

No sooner had that ended when my sister contacted me…she wanted me to get her something to help her out with her health issues…I’m not going to go into details for her privacy but that took up a bit of the afternoon.  I finally get settled and start working on my pictures and my lovely grandson came over for dinner.  Time out to spend with him and the family and now it is 8 PM and here we are.  

SO…no blogging about Colorado Springs tonight.  This is a quick easy note to you but I will definitely be back tomorrow…at least the first part of the day because another grandson is coming over tomorrow for dinner.  He will be spending the night because his father is sharing the drive back to Florida with him and they are leaving early Friday morning. Once they get to Florida my grandson will drop his Dad at the airport and he will fly back home.  

See you tomorrow!  

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