How much of Washington DC can we get in today before I crash?…

So, I wasn’t 100% sure what was on today’s agenda or how much we would be able to see before my hips gave out but Alan was there as promised at 9 AM in his own personal car because he was headed home to New Jersey today after he finished with me. He put his personal plans on hold to accommodate me! Concierge Tours…just one more reason you should on go with Alan! 🙂

Mission #1 was to find a parking spot that would be as convenient as possible to what we wanted to see to minimize walking. Once it was found we headed to the White House and Lafayette Park. The strangest thing I saw while standing there staring at the White House…and I guess I knew this before I saw it…but there was a change of shift going on and on the roof were soldiers carry automatic weapons to set up in their positions. I know it happens, it was just weird to see it happening.

Pennsylvania Ave was closed to vehicular traffic after the Oklahoma City bombing but everything was further tightened up after 9/11. There is a protester across from the White House, in front of Lafayette Park and they have been allowed to stay there per a court order but someone has to be there 24/7 or they lose their right to be there. I am missing so many pictures!

I am so upset about the missing pictures…they are in my head but I have no powers to get them out for you to see! We went back behind the White House…I had pictures of the Eisenhower Executive Building, the back of the White House, the South Lawn, another building further down that I can’t remember…I had a dozen or more pictures of the Washington many missing! The only pictures I can find from that walk behind the White House is of the Zero Milestone.

The Zero Milestone is a zero mile marker monument in Washington, D.C. intended as the initial milestone from which all road distances in the United States should be reckoned when it was built. At present, only roads in the Washington, D.C. area have distances measured from it.

I did just find a few pictures of the Washington Monument in a miscellaneous folder. Did you know there is 9-inch aluminum pyramid, which completes the top of the structure as it narrows to a point? Before this trip I did not…I zoomed in on the top as best I could and could still not see it. Did you know the Latin phrase “Laus Deo,” which translates to “Praise be to God,” is engraved on that aluminum pyramid? I didn’t!

We walked on to the World War II Memorial. The fountain was not working but it was still lovely to walk around.

We started walking toward some of the memorials, Lincoln, Vietnam, etc when my hips gave out. I was on the verge of tears and fortunately there were benches there. We had only walked 2 miles but it was at least that much further to the memorials and I knew even if I pushed myself I would never make it back. We sat on the bench for awhile to see if the pain would subside but I just knew I could not go on. Alan left to go get his car, walking part way and paying for a scooter to go the rest of the way…he had a sore knee so he needed the assist.

We agreed I would meet him back up on the main road in front of the World War II Memorial and after I could stand without pain I started heading that way. I am going to post the rest of the pictures I took during that walk…

As you can see above, the Lincoln Memorial is under renovation.

Alan brought me back to the Watergate and after I thanked him for a wonderful day and a half he headed to New Jersey. I headed inside. I noticed something I had not seen the day before…All of the bottles specially lit to form the wall of the The Next Whiskey Bar…a bar on the main floor off the lobby of the hotel. Not sure how I missed that yesterday and this morning!

I was so worn out from the two days touring (I believe I walked 7 miles between the day and a half out there) I decided to have room service today rather than go down for dinner so when that time came I ordered a small pizza and a chicken Caesar salad…too much food for sure but my first meal of the day!

This ends my trip to Washington, DC! When I left home I told everyone I would be back sometime on January 23…I lied! I decided while eating dinner I was not ready to go home and started planning the extension of my trip. 🙂 Be sure to come back to discover where I ended up and how long it actually took me to finally make my way back home! I do have a drop dead deadline to be home because I am expected at my sister’s for a week to replace another sibling who has been staying with her so I can’t drive around forever but I can push it! 🙂

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See you on the road!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments and places that take our breath away – Unknown

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