Day trips traveling around North Carolina, Tennessee & South Carolina…and our final day!

When we started out our morning the only real plan was to head to the DouglasCharlotte Airport Overlook. I was curious because a lot of people had posted that this was a fun spot to see planes taking off and landing and I wanted pictures of planes doing that…that simple! Plus…you get a great view of the Charlotte skyline!

It had never occurred to me that people would consider doing this…heck I have 4 airports within a short distance of me…one in RI, one in NH and 2 in MA. Thelma and I both thought it would be cool to see planes taking off from Logan because it is the only one of the 4 that is surrounded by water. We looked it up…there are at least 5 places near Logan where you can do this…who knew!

After leaving the airport we kind of headed north and decided to stop for lunch at Tupelo Honey in Asheville, NC…yes in the same area as yesterday but we so don’t do the same thing! Tupelo Honey was yummy southern comfort food…I guess they are a chain though there are none up north…at least at this time. It was still nicely decorated for Christmas.

I can’t remember if we had discussed what we were going to do after lunch but I have to guess we did. We were so close to Tennessee that we decided to go check out the Smokey Mountains in the Gatlinburg area. I didn’t realize when we headed out that Thelma had posted on Facebook where we were headed and people were telling us where we should visit. Umm…its a short side trip in one day…not a vacation destination. We drove through Gatlinburg…busy town!…and headed into the Smoky Mountains. I think I would like to stay in the outskirts of Gatlinburg someday and spend a few days exploring the area but it couldn’t be this day.

After leaving Gatlinburg we headed back toward Charlotte and made a stop at Binion’s for dinner. Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Binion’s Casino is there and I automatically assumed they were owned by the same person…I don’t think so but I am not 100% sure. Anyway…it is a fun place that reminded me of the Ground Round that used to be in my neck of the woods because there were peanut shells everywhere! We arrived late and fairly close to closing time because we were almost the only ones sitting in the dining room and one of the staff was making an attempt to organize the tables/chairs and sweep up the shells.

From day 1 one of the things I wanted to see was the Billy Graham Library…not because I am a fan of Billy Graham but because of the architecture. When we got there the gates were locked and there was a sign saying it was closed for renovations and would reopen on on January 4…well, it was January 4 and we swung back and it still wasn’t open. We go home tomorrow so before heading to the airport we will try again. 😦

Sitting there wondering what to do we decided to head to South Carolina-make it a 3 state in one visit trip. Thelma did a quick search and I checked my rGPS app and we headed out with a short list of things to do…

Driving down the highway, Thelma was doing her best to get pictures of things she thought were cool…most didn’t come out but there was a water tower painted as a giant peach that was cool and she did get a rainbow! Yes…the weather was not very cooperative when we first headed out but we were fortunate that it cleared!

One stop I had on my list was Walnut Grove Plantation…the sign was lovely but the place was closed...:-(

Our next stop was Anderson Mill in Moore, SC…there was a chain across the entrance and we were not supposed to enter but…we are rebels and with our fingers crossed that a police officer would not come by and make us leave we went around the chain and down to the area where the mill was supposed to be! Except…it had been taken apart for repairs. The water wheel was on the bridge that was there set on something to keep it in place and it appeared the mill was being reconstructed. There are supposed to be two water wheels though we only saw one. Though under renovation I was glad Thelma pushed me to come down and see it anyway! I discovered the river is the Tyger River.

Our last stop before heading back to Charlotte for the night was the city of Greenville. What a lovely city! We had a difficult time finding parking but once we did we were able to walk around what I thought was Falls Park on the Reedy River and Liberty Bridge but I have seen pictures of all of that since leaving and I don’t think that is where we were…Waze said that is where we were but I think Waze sometimes lies! Either way, this area was very nice and we enjoyed walking around here…for about 2 hours I think.

We checked a few places in the area to get dinner before heading back to Charlotte but there was either nothing open or the wait was very long so we started heading north and pulled off the highway to check a few places noted on TripAdvisor…no luck…either closed or long waits. Finally we saw a sign for Olive Garden and surrendered!

So…having had a good nights sleep it is time to head back home! We left the hotel a little early so we could go back to the Billy Graham Library. The gates were still locked and the sign was changed to being closed for I guess an indefinite period of time. So sad!

I had seen something about a place to go to a picture of the Charlotte skyline…yes, I had the one from the airport overlook but if I could get another version…and it was on the way to the airport so off we went. These were taken from the roof of the Piedmont Community College Parking Garage.

It was off to the airport and head back to Logan! Do you look out the window of the plane and take pictures? I do…I love to see what is below when you are in a plane because everything looks new and different! I am only going to post a few as we approached Logan and one from inside Logan that I posted on Facebook just to let family and friends know we had arrived safely home!

That ends this New Years journey to Charlotte with Thelma! I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did! Next trip is to Washington, DC…hope you can join me for that trip!

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See you on the road!

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. – Dalai Lama

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