On to Miamisburg, OH…

I’m going to stay in the here and now for a minute.  I was supposed to go to Maine on Thursday and stay until Sunday.  A friend is getting married today and a sister, niece & I were supposed to attend.  Needless to say, her plans changed and though Maine is partially open, hotels are not booking guests from out of state.  I had to cancel our reservation.  Her wedding was held in her yard with some family and Maine residents but her DJ did have a 2 hour live stream so we got to see her happy day!  I very much look forward to the world getting back to normal…the day when she can have a reception with all of her originally invited guests…when I can get back on the road again!  In the meantime, it is my wish that everyone stay as safe, healthy & cautious as they can!  

Okay, meanwhile, back in blog world…checking out of the hotel my first stop for the day before leaving Effingham was The Cross at the Crossroads. It reminded me very much of one of the crosses I had seen in Texas and the other in Dodge City. There are plans to expand this area over time.  The last image here was a fire at the farm behind the property as I was leaving.  It seemed to have been under control…there was no fire when I drove in and I never heard the fire truck but it was there.  

   After leaving here I had no set destination…just once again heading east.  As I was going down the highway I saw a sign for the World’s Largest Rocking Chair and then a sign for the World’s Largest Golf Tee and then….you get it!  I had to get off the highway and check this out.  This stop is Casey, IL.  It has the World’s Largest…well, everything!  The plan was to put the town on the map at a time when the economy was down and the town needed revenue.  It is an awesome story!  Here is the link if you would like to know more:

When I arrived at the golf tee, actually at a golf course, I had to go through the pro shop to get to it.  The woman working there was very pleasant and helpful and I got a small map showing where everything was.  You would think with the World’s Largest Everything that it would all be easy to find but you know me…at times I can not see what is right in front of me!  It was fun looking and the people of this small town are wonderful.  With a population of about 2,700 if I was going to move to the Midwest, this would be the town I would go to…not sure they would be ready for me but I liked this town!  

When I went in search of the World’s Largest Pitchfork I discovered a beautiful garden.  Though the Iris’s, my favorite flower, were not declared the World’s Largest Iris’s they really were large!  

Hoping on the highway after visiting this awesome little town I am zipping down the highway and shortly after getting on I see another sign for something I would like to see in Marshall, IL.   I don’t even remember now what was on the sign I saw but I am happy I stopped.  There were murals, antique cars parked all of the streets and lions!  The lions were created just for Marshall and decorated to represent the community spirit.  I don’t think I saw all of them but I saw quite a few!  I’m not sure about the significance of the antique cars but it was cool to see them! 

No more stops after getting back on the highway but I did find a hotel for the night in Miamisburg, OH at the Doubletree because it has a restaurant attached…The Bistro. Like I didn’t get enough exercise during the day the walk to my room, back to the restaurant, back to my room was down two very long halls…I put about an extra 1,200 steps on my Fitbit!   

Tomorrow I will be headed to Pennsylvania.  I intentionally went in this direction in order to see the 9/11 Memorial in Stoysville, PA.  I had seen the sign for it when I was heading West but it was quite a distance out of my way.  I had not known there was a Memorial but it certainly made sense to put one where the plane crashed on that horrible day.  Please be sure to return for the journey!

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See you on the road!  

This is your planet. You really should come see it sometime. – G Adventures

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