On the road again I just can’t wait to get on the road again…

Hello everyone…I am back and ready to tell a story.  If you are curious…my sister appears to be doing much better today!  

My primary destination today is Dodge City.  When I was a kid I used to watch Gunsmoke and that show is what I had in my head when I decided to go to Dodge City.  I was told more times than I can count when I first became a supervisor at work that perception is reality but in this case perception is so not reality!!  Today’s Dodge City is for the most part much like any other Midwest city except for Boot Hill…that is a tiny bit like walking through a Gunsmoke episode.  But, first I have to get there!  

I really only made one stop between Hugoton and Dodge City but then again…it is only a 90 minute drive!  As I was driving down the highway all I could see in the distance was what appeared to be mile after mile of yellow and a lot of windmills.  Curious, as I got closer I pulled off onto a dirt road.  Generally unless there is a sign that says private property or Do Not Enter I will go anywhere and then wonder if I legally should have…:-) 

In this area surrounded by yellow and windmills was the Gray County Wind Farm in Montezuma, KS along with several dirt roads. Yellow is lemons and I love lemons…in this case though I am not 100% sure what the yellow was…grain? flowers? 170 turbines…not really windmills…it was the largest in Kansas not mandated by a state regulatory commission …in the whole USA

 My first stop when I arrived in town was at the Cattle & Feed Overlook.  I had passed this farm as I was driving into town and it seemed to go on forever…more cattle in on spot than I had seen during the fall & spring road trip combined. Standing there looking down at the cattle somehow felt wrong.  I wanted to go down and release them. What you see below is just a tiny bit of the property…it goes on forever!  

 My next stop was basically turning my car around to face the other side of the road and then to pull out onto the road and park on the shoulder on the right side of the road. Across the highway was the Coronado Cross…

Pulling to the right shoulder of the road…

Now I will show you Boot Hill…I was here for a very long time but not as long as I would have liked to because it was a really hot day and after all the up/down on stairs and the walking around my hip was killing me.  This is a great place for a walk through history and peaking in at Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon was the best part.  🙂 

The second best part was at the end…this gentleman was just sitting there and I originally thought he was a robotic figure like the old guy in Williams, AZ but he shocked the heck out of me when he moved and then stood up! Can you imagine getting paid to dress up as a gunslinger and hang out all day!?  Lucky guy!  

I then took a quick drive around…one last thing in particular I wanted to try to find was El Capitan.  As big as he is, I drove around several time before I saw him.  

5 15 19 Driving around Dodge City KS (12 of 15)

5 15 19 Driving around Dodge City KS (13 of 15)

Before I head out of Dodge (pun intended), I am just going to post a few more miscellaneous images from around Dodge City…It was on Wyatt Earp Blvd so I am guessing the first sculpture below is Wyatt Earp though I did not see a sign.  

While grabbing a bite to eat I went through a map of the area to see if I was close enough to get out of Kansas today or what the halfway point might be.  I ended up booking a room at Country Inn & Suites in Salina, KS for the night. The bed appeared to be a bit lumpy but it was quite comfortable & I slept like a baby.    

Tomorrow my day will end in Illinois but I make one interesting stop before I get there.  Be sure to come back to find out where!

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See you on the road!

Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks – on your body or on your heart – are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt. – Anthony Bourdain

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