Driving around St. Louis, MO a bit then on to Effingham, IL…

Checking out of the hotel in the morning I was excited to drive to St. Louis.  I had never seen the arch before and of course it is something you have to do if you are in the area. I was excited to see the skyline as I was coming into the city…

I did not realize Busch Stadium would be right there also.  I did not know it was the home of Tums…good to know!  When I got in town I had no idea how long I might be walking around the area but there was a minimum time on the parking…I can’t remember if it was 2 hours or more?  It was hot so I wasn’t sure how much walking around I would want to do but a lot of the area, at least when starting out, was in the shade.  

I would have loved to have entered into the stadium area when I discovered IT WAS RIGHT THERE…but alas, the gate was locked.  I am not a big baseball fan but I have been to Fenway dozens of times and I was curious how Busch stadium would compare.  I did google the best spot in town to see the Arch and it turned out it wasn’t too far away.  As it turned out though this spot was the roof deck of a hotel and the hotel was completely out of business!  

I did manage to get a few shots of the Arch from this area…

Since the Arch could not easily be seen from the area I was walking around I decided to go check out another area that google had recommended to see the ArchThe Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park.  Except for a landscaper taking care of the lawn I had the park to myself and it had a walkway/bridge you could go up in order to get a higher view of the Arch. 

 While I was at the park I walked around quite a bit and there were bridges, train bridges, what appeared to be abandoned buildings…cool stuff!  

I saw what I went to see.  I think I would go back here…though maybe during the fall when it might not be as hot.  There is more to see and my nephew and his family aren’t too far away!  

Time to move on for the night.  Effingham, IL….Country Inn & Suites.  

Tomorrow promises to be a fairly busy day as I move toward Ohio.  Be sure to come back for the journey!  

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See you on the road!

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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