All around Durango…and on to Santa Fe, NM…

When I checked out of the hotel my destination was the Durango Diner because I wanted a good diner breakfast and I discovered Durango was not that far away.  On the way there I drove by Pinkerton Hot Springs and had to turn my car around and go check it out.  It was the way the sun was hitting the water that initially got my attention.  I was the only one there and the parking lot is tiny.  I got out and was able to walk around and take pictures without worrying about anyone getting in my shot…it is a tiny area. I have been to “springs” before but never anything like this on the side of the road. I would have liked to have gone down away from the road but the ground was very uneven I was concerned if I lost my footing and hurt myself it may be awhile before anyone came along.   

  On to the diner…

Two stories about my time at the diner…beside the food being good…except for that cheese on the potatoes…the waitress in the picture had been at the diner since a little after 5:30 AM and she already had 10k steps on her Fitbit…it was around 11:30 so she had been walking back and forth for 6 hrs already…6 hours into my typical day when at home I would be impressed if I did 1,000 steps.  The other story is that I had a conversation with the man sitting next to me.  He is from the Santa Monica area in Durango on business so I explained to him that though I headed slightly east in area I was contemplating following Route 66 to the end in Santa Monica.  He asked me if I would be going/staying there on my own and I said I have a niece who lives south of there but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to connect with her for the short time I was going to be there.  He suggested I check a few websites for statistics on the area.  He said that the area was someone over run with homeless walking around begging for money, the pier was dirty and covered with bird poop from all the gulls and hotels were expensive for what you get.  I thanked him for the information because he gave me a lot to think about.  I talked with my sisters later in the day and decided I was not going to go.  If I take a road trip in the future out in this area with someone I may reconsider but for now…time to continue in a easterly direction.  

After breakfast I walked around the immediate downtown Durango between the diner and where I had parked my car. One interesting spot was the large wall mural of Jack Dempsey fighting Andy Maller.  Copied from – “The El Rancho Tavern is a historical staple in Durango. In 1915 the Colorado native Jack DempseyThe Manassa Mauler” knocked out Andy Maller in 10 rounds at our location and won $50.”  

Next I took a short drive to Rotary Park and the Animas River & Bridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the low 70’s and there were quite a few people in the river riding rafts and kayaks. There are several places in town where you can rent a raft or kayak or go on a rafting adventure.  Not my thing but I think the majority would love to do that.  

There was one more place I wanted to go before finding a hotel for the night and from Rotary Park to this spot the Animas River kept peaking through different areas and if I liked what I saw I would pull over to take a picture.  Some beautiful scenery…

The final stop before moving on is Baker’s Bridge over the Animas River.  According to what I read this is one of the locations for the movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.  It is supposedly the spot where Butch & Sundance jumped into the river.  I took this from The Know Outdoors: “Baker’s Bridge is where Old Shalona Road crosses the Animas River. It’s where Paul Newman and Robert Redford jump from a cliff into a river in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” (Through editing, they land in a different river, not the Animas, in the film.) Jumping from this bridge isn’t just dangerous — it’s illegal. Instead, people climb down to nearby cliffs of various heights — as high as 17 feet — and jump from there.”

The Animas River at this location is a color I have never seen…all I could think of was a watery Pea Soup but with the trees, clouds, sky and rocks it is astounding.  I did turn one of the pictures into a black & white…I love black & white images and I don’t do it enough!  

After I was finished visiting here I sat in my car to decide what direction I wanted to head in and what things I wanted to see now that I decided to head back home.  I decided on Santa Fe, New Mexico and booked my reservation at a Doubletree…because a restaurant, Mezcal,  is attached…a good stop for one night. A little crazy to go 4 hours at this time of the day but why not?  

A few final pictures I would like to post from this trip…one of a pick-up truck using the bed of a pick-up truck as a trailer…it very much amused me.  Another set of pictures is from driving through Cuba, New Mexico on my way to Santa Fe…I did not know there was a Cuba, NM and it surprised me. It’s the little things on a road trip that keep you going!   

Tomorrow I will be heading to Taos, NM.  Its not a long drive and it seems kind of silly to spend the night there rather than visit and move on but I did end up deciding to spend the night here.  Be sure to come back to continue the journey with me.  Invite friends to join me on my travels or share a post you think they might like.  

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See you on the road!

It doesn’t matter where you are. You are nowhere compared to where you can go. – Bob Proctor

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