Onward to Tusayan, AZ…Grand Canyon Country!…

As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to spend a little time around Prescott with a few other stops along the way, maybe another stop in Sedona if I could find some place I had not seen yesterday and maybe a stop or two along the way to Tusayan.  The drive to Tusayan without stops or traffic is about 2 hours so I figure I have plenty of time to be a tourist!  I did stop at the Prescott Junction Restaurant…kind of like a diner but more. Once again…plentiful food, pleasant people & inexpensive.   

One of my stops was Montezuma Castle National Monument.  It is a castle built into the side of a mountain and people lived here.  I copied the info in quotes from Wikipedia…”Montezuma Castle National Monument protects a set of well-preserved dwellings located in Camp Verde, Arizona which were built and used by the Sinagua people, a pre-Colombian culture closely related to the Hohokam and other indigenous peoples of the southwestern United States, between approximately 1100 and 1425 AD.” I did not know there was a trail and that you could hike up to the castle though I may not have been able to do it anyway.  I did not see anyone up there either…hmm! This is a lovely property with flowers, paths, a river, etc.  You could spend at least half a day here if not longer.  

Another stop was, for lack of a better name, the Hummingbird stop.  This really is not the name but I foolishly forgot to make a note in my book or on my phone of the name of the stop.  I often take a photo of the sign but I didn’t do that here either.  Hummingbirds are a huge thing in Arizona so I have had no luck in narrowing down the location.  My bad!!  This place had a shop, paths to different areas of the property, birds, flowers, trees and animal footprints along the paths.  It would be a great place to refer you to…if only I made a note of the name!  

Before I get too far away from Prescott and Sedona I want to post pictures of some of what I stopped to enjoy between Prescott & Sedona.  The countryside, as I said before, is just gorgeous!  Pretty, colorful…definitely not the northeast!  

One thing I wanted to do before leaving Sedona was walk the Devil’s Bridge.  The parking area and the path to the bridge alone were lovely but when I got to a certain point and saw the sign saying what the distance was there and back (4.6 miles)…I had to settle for the parking lot and the part of the path I had walked.  It is a 2 hour round trip…I am guessing that is a person without hip/joint problems…if no benches to sit on I never would have made it there…never mind back.  You can take a 4×4 to under the bridge…my Cadillac just would not have survived that drive. I am going to post the pictures I took but I also am posting a picture of Devil’s Bridge posted on Earthtrekkers website…Julie Rivenbark’s name is saved with the picture so I am assuming she is the photographer.  Beautiful picture Julie!  Her’s is the first one below.  

Julie-Rivenbark-1.jpg.optimal Devil's Bridge Earthtrekker's

Next stop was Coconino National Forest Rock Sculptures. Seven Warriors, Napoleon’s Tomb, Three Sisters, & Cathedral Rock…Looking at the pictures below makes me think this may have been where the hummingbird garden was!   

One last stop before moving on to my hotel for the night…the Midgley Bridge!  I found this on the rGPS app. It was a little out of the way but I love a good bridge picture.  

Everyone must love a good bridge picture because when I was trying to leave the small parking area there was really no room to back up and I had to do about a 20 point turn to get out.  🙂  

Time to move on to the Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel & Restaurant.  I was glad I was only staying the one night.  It was raining when I got here and there are so many buildings on the property I had a very hard time finding my building.  I ended up driving back to the main building with the map they gave me to ask if there was an easier way to explain how to find my building.  They ended up having a man who worked there walk me to my building and he showed me where my room was…he would not get in my car so after he showed me I had to walk back to my car in the rain and then drive back to my room.  The room was okay but not what I expect when I saw it on line.  Doesn’t it kind of sound resort-like?  It is basically a motel.  The restaurant was decent and I enjoyed my meal.  After going back to my room and better settling in I noticed an outlet with what appeared to be a water bubble under the paint, a dead moth on the floor by the night stand, small tears in the “bedspread” and a view of the dumpster out my slider.  I would come here to eat dinner but I would not stay at the “hotel.”   

So…tomorrow I will be heading to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  There are a number of areas within the Grand Canyon that are on my list of places to see most of which I have not seen before.  After I leave the Grand Canyon I will be ending up in Cortez, Colorado for the night.  I didn’t plan to go to CO but that is the direction I headed in to check something out.  If you haven’t been to this area of the Grand Canyon before, be sure to come back for the journey! Invite your friends to come along…a road trip can be more fun with a lot of friends! They not in the mood to travel right now…send them a link to my page.  🙂     

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See you on the road!

Take the time to put the camera away and gaze in wonder at what’s there in front of you. – Erick Widman

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