Time to move on to Flagstaff, AZ but first…

A quick note before I get into my journey…we survived the storm last night.  Though the wind was incredible and it rained in ripples down the street and sideways across the yard, there was thunder & lightning but we never lost power and the house remained intact!  Moving on…

My first stop after leaving the hotel was at Red Rock Park in Churchrock, NM.  When I sent a message to 2 of my sister’s one came back saying she had been there before in Nevada when she went to Las Vegas…I guess there are quite a few around the country and I had forgotten I was at one in Colorado. There is a campground here, a post office, a rodeo arena and stables where you are allowed to rent horses and ride…and lots of red rock!  

When I left Gallup I did not know I would be heading in the direction of the Petrified Forest or the Painted Desert…when I saw the sign I was very excited and took a quick turn off the highway.  I had heard of both before but did not know where they were and couldn’t believe I had not seen anything about them in my research on the trip. I was there for quite some time enjoying all the beauty of the area and I had a nice conversation with one of the rangers.  She explained to me that it had been unusually wet the past winter and all of the flowers were blooming early because of it.  There was one particular bush of flowers, Desert Roses, that was all over the place and the scent was absolutely breath-taking!  There are a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoy these beautiful spots as much as I did! I also went in search of Newspaper Rock…not 100% sure that I found the right spot though Waze kept telling me I did. There is a panoramic of the Painted Desert down below but it really doesn’t do it justice.  One of my favorite spots during the drive through the National Park was at the very end where there was a vehicle representing the original Route 66…I don’t remember the whole story and I have not been able to find it but I did kind of find an explanation today…

One last spot within the National Park…the Painted Rock Petroglyph Site.  When I first got there I was the only one there…I had no idea where I was supposed to look to see the petroglyphs…there was a sign that showed where to look but I couldn’t see it and then this family comes up…mom, dad, two young kids and the kids see it right away.  Once they pointed it out it seemed so obvious! I only posted the pictures where it would be clear what you are looking at…and threw in a flower just because.  🙂   

I made one more stop before taking time out to find a hotel for the night. I found this stop on several sites and I wanted to go check it out for myself…Grand Falls.  I copied and pasted the following information from a website…”Grand Falls is a natural waterfall system located 30 miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation. It is also called Chocolate Falls because of the color.” You know…I saw a sign when I got here that said Grand Falls but now looking at the website and the fact it is also called Chocolate Falls I have to wonder if I was really at Grand Falls?  Though where I was is very beautiful there is nothing chocolate about the color of the water.  Perhaps it was Grand Falls and the water was that blue because it was still spring?  Hmm…..

Just a few from my travels from Gallup to Flagstaff

Hotel choice for the night was a Doubletree in Flagstaff because it was a good location for things I wanted to do and it had a restaurant, The Woodland Cafe, in the building…win/win.  I will be here for a couple nights but will be driving all over the place tomorrow. I got a room on a higher floor this stay and the view was beautiful.  Across the highway and up in the hills several times a day, the trains ran through…I love trains.  One of these days I want to hop on a train to see how far I can go across country and then get one back so I don’t have to fly.  I have checked it out a few times…it is expensive so I have not pulled the trigger but I also haven’t taken it off the bucket list. Dinner…my only meal today so I got carried away and ended up asking for a to-go box figuring I would be here 2 nights and leftovers could be dinner tomorrow night…I have a fridge and microwave in my room.  Alas…I left the to-go box downstairs and when I called down to see if someone could bring it up I was told it got tossed because I left it behind.  Really?    

Tomorrow I am going to Winslow, Williams and a quick visit over to the south rim of the Grand Canyon…crazy decision on the last stop because I will be headed back that way in a day or two but I did it anyway and its not like there is not a lot to see in the Grand Canyon.  I had been there several times with my husband years ago and in 2017 but I was on a tour…this time I am going in on my own and will see so much more! Be sure to come back! 

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See you on the road!

Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator. – Robert Orben

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