Time to head to Gallup, NM…

Most of the time I don’t bother going down for the “free” breakfast at the Hilton hotels and this morning I was running late checking out so I headed for breakfast at good old Joseph‘s.  Sadly, breakfast had ended and I settled for lunch before heading out for my first stop…the Blue Hole.  I saw pictures of this on line as I was doing a little research about what to see in the area and was excited to get there.  As I was leaving the restaurant though I saw something I had not noticed the night before…a Route 66 Auto Museum. Across the highway I went…I had checked on line to see if there was a fee and I saw reviews that said it was free but if you want to go in the back where the cars are there is a fee…if memory serves it is $5.  If you love old cars and all kinds of memorabilia it is worth the money. Cars, trucks, motorcycles…plus more! This is the personal collection of Bozo Cordova. I’m not sure which I would vote more interesting…this or Russell’s but by a speck of dirt I would say Russell’s but heck, Russell’s is free and this is $5 so check both out and make your own decision.   

Now it is time to go visit the Blue Hole…it is an artesian well that is a popular destination for diver’s and those training to dive. On this day it was quite chilly and windy. There were a handful of people there as tourists but no one learning to dive…oh, by dive I mean Scuba diving. I specify because there was a couple there diving into the hole as I arrived but they both said the water was about 60 degrees (turns out there is a sign there that says that) and with the wind the young lady was freezing and declared she was not going in again.  He did though!  

Not too far from the Blue Hole was a park that was supposed to lead to a dam, I think Spring Lake Park.  Sadly the gate was closed so I could not get to the dam but I did spend a little time enjoying the park.  

I could see a steeple up the street and I love a good church steeple so I drove up so check it out.  Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic Church, beautiful stained glass windows and lovely architecture.  

Before I hit the road, a few miscellaneous images while driving around town

A little research to see what might be between Santa Rosa and Gallup and I decided to go see the Spaceship House…it was worth seeking it out but choosing to do it at 5:00 PM during rush hour traffic in Albuquerque…dumb!  Lost a bit of time getting stuck in that traffic and I thought Boston drivers were rude…these people are just as bad! It is a design from a local architect. 

One last stop before I leave Albuquerque is at Albuquerque New Mexico Temple.  A Latter-day Saints temple. 

I have picked my hotel in Gallup for the night.  Just going to share a few images on the road to Gallup

Checking into the Hilton Garden Inn….restaurant included!  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day…have you ever been to the Petrified Forest? Painted Desert? Newspaper Rock?  Busy busy day coming up! Note the second picture below…did you read it the way I did?  I can’t get service on the floor they put me on because it is on another level…I don’t think anyone thought that through very well! 

Be sure to come back for the next leg of this trip! 

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See you on the road!

Travel expands the mind and fills the gap. – Sheda Savage

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