Leaving Amarillo, TX and on the road to Cloudcroft, NM…

My stop after checking out of the hotel had been planned almost from day 1.  I had seen several things regarding this stop and I was so anxious to see it!  I did see it…I did enjoy it…but it didn’t turn out the way I hoped.  This stop is at the infamous Cadillac Ranch.  The part that didn’t work out was that it had rained the night before and there was mud…lots and lots of mud everywhere!  I didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes with me so there was no way I was going to walk across that field to get the shots I walked.  A few brave souls did…I am guessing they had work boots on and more power to them.  I did get pictures…just not the shots I wanted!  Some day I may just make my way back in that direction and it will be dry!  

Shortly after hopping on the highway I spotted a sign for Russell’s Travel Center and the sign indicated it was worth my stopping.  You see this shortly after crossing the border from TX into NM.  Apparently there are several, this particular one was in Glenrio.  There is a gallery museum and a Rt 66 diner…I do love a good diner and since I had not had breakfast before heading out I decided to get off the highway and check it out.  Even if the museum was a bust (which it was not!!) I would get some good old diner food! 

Museum first!…there are lots of pictures…LOTS!  I weeded out all the duplicates I could find.  I hope I got them all but this place is cool so I left in as much as I could.  

Now time to walk back to the cafe/diner portion of the property…great, plentiful, inexpensive food!  

A few miscellaneous on the road to Cloudcroft, NM

My stay in Cloudcroft was a The Lodge Resort & Spa.  It is a beautiful huge building with a ton of amazing architectural features and a restaurant, Rebecca’s.  I was supposed to be here for several days but I was up and out very early the next morning.  As beautiful as the place is my room was straight out of the 50’s…it didn’t look like much had been done to update it since then.  One of the outlets did not appear to be safe to use. As skeptical as I was I put my suitcase in the closet…I did not bother to unpack…I just set it on the luggage rack.  I freshened up and went off to dinner.  I was put in a room where there were no other guests and thought for sure I was going to be forgotten.  Oh…and I was in jeans and a sweater so I was under dressed for this place.  Dinner was delicious and very expensive but delicious is what was important…you have to treat yourself every now and then, right?!  

So, after dinner I went out the back door to take a walk and check out the property.  Pool was closed but huge!  Amazing property…feeling good about getting an evening constitution in I headed back to my room.  I couldn’t get internet to come in so I watched TV and attempted to get to sleep.  I finally fell asleep around 4:00 AM after tossing and turning only to be woken up at 5:30 to the sound of water gushing.  My first thought was how did someone get in to turn my shower on!?  I got out of bed to head to the bathroom and it turned out the water was coming from the closet and my clothes were getting wet!  I moved my stuff and called the front desk but no one picked up so I got dressed and went there.  My bad….there were two buckets in the closet when I checked in…I should have realized there was a reason!  My room was on the first floor so I thought it was someone upstairs taking a shower.  There was a woman in the front lobby coming up from the basement with a laundry basket.  I explained to her what was going on and her response…”OH…I am surprised they gave anyone that room since the pipes started leaking.”  Seriously?  I went back to my room and packed my bags at 6:00 AM.  I had no place to go so I sat in my car after I finished talking to that woman again.  They gave me the night for free and decided they wouldn’t penalize me for leaving early!  How kind of them!!!!! 

Do I recommend The Lodge Resort & Spa?  Hell no!  

After sitting in the car for about an hour or so I decided to see if I could find some place to eat.  As tired as I was I didn’t think I was going to be able to get into another hotel until at least 3:00.  As tired as I was I wasn’t paying attention to where I was and the next thing I know there are blue lights in my rear view mirror.  Just as I saw the lights I realized there were a lot of kids walking single file down the side of the road…on the opposite side from me but still…I was in a school zone.  Being tired and behind the wheel of a car is just dumb!  I had my license and registration out by the time the officer approached the driver window.  I apologized and told him there was no excuse for doing 35 in a school zone.  He thanked me for my honesty and told me to drive safe & have a good day.  I can’t even tell you how appreciative I was for the verbal warning not to mention not hurting anyone because I wasn’t paying attention!  

Not too far down the road I saw a restaurant with a decent number of cars but not so many I wouldn’t be able to get in so I pulled into Big Daddy’s Diner…yes, another diner! A very cool place with delicious food.  Still slightly tired but feeling nourished it was time to hit the road to continue the adventure and put The Lodge experience behind me! 

I couldn’t find another hotel in Cloudcroft that I would have felt comfortable in so I decided to move onto Santa Rosa.  That is a story for another post.  Please come back…this journey has just begun. 

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See you on the road!

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharial Nehru

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