Driving around Texas…

Quick note to start…it is my nephew’s birthday so Happy Birthday Rich 🙂

I am going to be driving to New Mexico tomorrow but there are places I need to see before moving on…I was driving all over the place today to make sure I could see what was on my list. Hit Canadian, Groom, and Panhandle, TX…all really small places with things to see. It is a Saturday and you would think there would be people out and about but each town was like a ghost town when I drove through.  My stop in Groom as you will see was at a specific destination and that had a pretty good crowd but the town itself had rolled up the sidewalks and called it a day.  Love a good small town! 

Starting with Canadian…named for the river…Canadian River Wagon Bridge 

 Cross of Our Lord & Stations of the Cross, Groom, TX…I had not thought much about the Stations of the Cross since CCD classes when I was a kid!  A rush of memories came over me walking around.  

The Leaning Tower of Britten in Groom, TX…you don’t need to go to France to see a structure lean! This is an intentionally leaning water tower named after Ralph Britten who decided anyone could have a water tower but his was going to lean. 

Slug Bug Ranch in Panhandle, TXthey encourage you to bring your own spray paint so you can paint the cars and the building on the property.  Next door to it is a very old, falling apart gas station. My kind of place!   

And here are just a few random pictures while I was driving around…not sure how the OK picture ended up here but I left it.  

Tomorrow I will be heading for Cloudcroft, NM.  Only one stop planned as I leave Amarillo but be sure to come back for the road trip! 

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See you on the road!

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment. – Hilaire Belloc


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