Let the road trip begin…going to Sedona!

As I have mentioned before I don’t generally plan stays once I decide to hit the road but I almost always make a decision where I am going to stay for the first night…it gives me a direction to head in and I have to put some kind of address in Waze to be sure I head in the right direction.  I don’t think I have ever mentioned I am directionally challenged!  My friend and I went to Nashville once and got so completely lost, we walked around forever trying to find our way back to where the shuttle from the hotel was supposed to pick us up and it turned out in the end…we were only about 4 blocks from where we wanted to be but kept going around in circles! 

So decision made to head to Sedona, I have a general idea of the route I want to take though this is subject to change as road signs detour me and interesting things come to my attention.  I have a list of things from TripAdvisor and the rGPS app that I would like to see and will be looking out for things along the way to add to the list.  My ultimate destination is the beauty of Sedona

Heading out my first stay is going to be Unionville, PA.  I had it in my head that I had stayed here before and it was only for to be about 4.5 hours but it was a little over 6 hours.  I should not have gone with my memory…I don’t like generally driving more than 3-4 hrs at a time.  Oh…and I do have a travel companion for this trip also…Flat Stanley Musical Note…my granddaughter made him for me saying it was smaller and would travel better than big old Mr. Potato Head 🙂 I think I only posted one or two pictures of him from my I-90 road trip. There might be a few here of Flat Stanley Musical Note.  Let the road trip begin! It is April 21 and there is no hurry to get back!    

Hilton Garden Inn, Unionville, PA…one night so it is perfect after a long drive because there is a restaurant there.

I wasn’t quite sure which direction to go when it came time to leave…so while eating breakfast I researched what was around me and decided to head to Kentucky. I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing on the way to KY but I did have a planned stop…the Million Dollar Bridge near Palatine Park in Fairmont, WV was it.  Driving there I saw some unusual things…enjoy!  

Tonight’s stay is at the Best Western in Ashland, KY and dinner is a the Texas Roadhouse…not a fan but it was very close by.  

I will be moving on to another area of KY tomorrow so be sure to come back for more of this trip!  

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See you on the road!

”Life is short and the world is wide” 

Author Unknown 

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