Bar Harbor long weekend #2…

I had booked this weekend thinking I could drag my friend up with me but alas, she had already made plans.  Back up….I asked one of my sister’s and she was excited to join me.  She has traveled around the country a lot over the years but with her husband…and he is super-focused on reaching the destination so a lot of miles on their cars but not a lot of stops.  Me…I’ll stop everywhere if I see a sign that interests me.  Don’t be bored thinking you are going to be getting the same thing as the last post…new person traveling with me so new things to see!  🙂

No need to post pictures of the hotel again because, well, you’ve seen it.  The sunset when we arrived however was different.  Last week I checked before I came up was supposed to be just short of 5 hours but it actually took closer to 6 hours with a stop for gas and later at the store for some snacks.  And it was no different this week except we stopped for wine.  🙂 My sister took these with the phone.

We completely enjoyed open mic night at The Bistro and my sister became friends with the woman I made friends the previous week.  She was there again to perform.  My sister also made friend’s with a couple who came up to scout for a wedding venue…we are friendly people.  🙂

We closed the restaurant the previous night and still managed to get up for breakfast.  We had made plans to meet our new friends downstairs for breakfast and everyone was there…not looking much better than we felt. With a good breakfast under our belts we headed out to explore the island. 

One stop…we went right into town and checked out part of the harbor area…it was so unbelievably cold and windy out there.  My sister dressed slightly warmer than I did but no matter…it wasn’t warm enough!  Brrrr

There is a small island out in the water called Bar Island. It is a tidal island across from Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island accessible when the tide is out and there is a path you can take…Bar Island Path.  There are paths on the island but if you decide to go there you better make sure you are prepared to head back before the tide comes in. I hope my sister doesn’t mind but I left her in one of the pictures…you can only see her from the back otherwise I would have removed it. Because it was so windy it was creating whirlpools near shore…except when my sister went down to check it out! There is an image of Cadillac Mountain below with the sun hitting it just right…wish we could have gone driving up it.   

We decided to go to Sherman’s Department Store…not your typical department store but more like a country store and I loved it!  I got a ticket because they said I parked beyond where I should have…I disagree but I paid the ticket.  It was worth it to enjoy the store! If you are in town be sure to check it out. I mostly took pictures of the cards because they were funny and amused me!    

 Before I move on I want to show you a picture of my sister and I waving hi to all…

2 9 19 Downtown Bar Harbor & Sherman's Dept Store Bar Harbor ME (2 of 11)

Sorry…couldn’t help myself! 

Here are some of the downtown area as well as our drive around Mount Desert Island including Bass Harbor Head Light and Prospect Harbor Lighthouse.    

Alas our short stay in Bar Harbor has come to an end and it is time to check out.  I am going to be staying off the highway for awhile to show my sister some of my favorite towns up in this area. We are also going to be stopping at one of my favorite restaurants in one of my favorite towns.

Stops will include Orr’s Island, Bailey Island, Harpswell.  First stop Orr’s Island

Because Harpswell is so small and less than 10 minutes from Bailey Island I have combined images…Bailey Island is my favorite so there will be more later…this is also where my favorite restaurant from the area is located.  

The first time I went to Bailey Island was to take a boat at night to get pictures of the full moon rising over the trees.  While I fell in love with the entire area I especially fell in love with the Cribstone Bridge.  You can see it in some of the images above but I posted some below also…it is a historic bridge built in 1928 to connect Orr’s Island and Bailey Island but especially to withstand the tides and high winds. It underwent renovations in 2010 using granite from the same quarry the original stone came from. 

Before we settle down for dinner I am just going to post a few miscellaneousshells and snow.  🙂

Now…my favorite restaurant in this part of MaineCook’s Lobster & Ale!  YUM

Before moving on we enjoyed the beginnings of a little sunset….

Though we got to enjoy this little bit of sunset there was still light available so I took my sister over to New Brunswick to see the Swinging Bridge

She loved the bridge, the river and the lighting today was different from any other time I had stopped! I decided to show her a little more of the town…most memorable being the First Parish Church.  

Time to hit the road and head for home…it was a great little weekend road trip! Thank you to my sister for joining me on this trip! 

I am going to be home until next month.  I had discussed wanting to go to Sedona several times and a friend always asked me to check with her before heading out.  I suddenly got a message from her and part of it was that she was planning a fall road trip to Sedona with her husband.  Understood…certainly no reason for me to sit home and plan around her so when I got home I started planning my route to Sedona…next blog story to come up! 

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.
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See you on the road!

“The journey not the arrival matters.” –T.S. Eliot 


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