A long weekend in Bar Harbor, ME…

Another town I love but can’t afford during the high season and since I don’t like crowds I wouldn’t go during high season even if I could but in the off season it is my kind of place.  I had driven through sections of it before but I had never stayed and I got to explore so much more.  Sadly, because it was off season I could not access Arcadia National Park or Cadillac Mountain since roads were closed.  Not a lot of snow in the area when I was there but a lot of ice…at least the kind that forms when water flows through the rocks.  

So, as often happens when I want to go on a road trip I was watching a show and loved some of the areas where scenes were being shot so I googled…turned out it was good old Bar Harbor.  I went on line to check out hotels that might be open in the off season and what rates might be and I ended up picking the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel…they are on the water (Frenchman’s Bay) and they have a restaurant (The Bistro) which worked out well because a lot on the island is closed and what was open was further away…driving in unfamiliar places in the dark…yeah, I’m not a fan. 

When I checked in I found out that it was open mic night and though they had only started a few weeks ago the small restaurant gets packed quickly.  It was 4:45 when I checked in and though they were not starting until 7 I quickly dropped my things in my room, freshened up and went over to the restaurant.  Funny…when I arrived there were only 2 people and one of them was staying there and on the list to perform that night.  We talked off and on all night.  I had such a good time here for the two nights and went back up the following weekend (I will be posting that trip also).  Great place! And the place did fill up quickly! Below are pictures of the hotel and some coming onto the island…I keep saying island and a lot of people don’t know Bar Harbor is on an island…it is on Mount Desert Island

The next day I went out exploring and that is when I discovered a lot of the roads were closed…I would get to a certain point only to discover it was chained and I could go no further.  But…there is still a lot to see. 

And of course, there are the ice waterfalls! I turned most of the images into black & white but left some as is…enjoy! 

The end of night two…a little sunset!

Sadly it is time to check out and head for home but I decided to have lunch in town at Leary’s Landing Irish Pub.  Good food, great atmosphere and the wood burning stove was burning for a little added warmth! 

Heading south I decided to pull off in New Brunswick.  There is a swinging bridge there that I visited two years ago in the fall.  I was curious what it might be like during the winter.  The bridge is over the Androscoggin River

I will be heading back up to Bar Harbor next weekend…I was offered a lower rate to do so and a job.  I didn’t take the job but I did book figuring I would bring my friend. I hope to see you next trip!  

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See you on the road!

“Work, Travel, Save, Repeat”

Author Unknown 

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