Kennebunkport, ME bound…summer home of President George H.W. Bush

Happy 2019 in blog world! 

I stayed home for a little over a month before I started getting antsy.  I have been to Kennebunkport many times but usually to visit and stay somewhere less expensive.  I did stay at a cottage at a hotel once with a friend but if I remember correctly she got a deal with Groupon.  There is a very nice hotel on the water with a great restaurant.  My friend and I had eaten at the restaurant when we were staying at the cottage but staying at the hotel…not generally in my budget.  When I got antsy I decided to check to see if they were open in January and what the rate might be if they were.  Surprise, surprise…it was extremely affordable and breakfast was included.  So I booked and headed north!  I was here from January 4th until I checked out on the 7th.  I checked out when I did because the hotel was closing for some renovations including painting the entire interior…really?  It certainly didn’t need it!  Oh…this is the Boathouse Hotel & Restaurant. There was a order form for breakfast in the room when I checked in.  Great concept for this time of the year when there are very few people at the hotel but not sure how it works during high season.  You indicate what you would like for breakfast and what time you will be down.  Drop it off at the hostess stand (I did when I went down for dinner) and the next morning when you go down a table is set up with the items you requested.  I expected a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice but a got a small carafe of juice and a pot of coffee.  Below is the room, view out one of the windows and sampling of the meals I enjoyed while there.      

One of my favorite restaurants in Kennebunkport is a very small place where locals hang out…The Pilot House.  For all the times I had been to Kennebunkport and wanted to try that place out I could never find it.  In a previous trip just visiting town I finally found it when I walked off the main road behind the buildings at the front…very little parking in front of the restaurant but if you can’t and are willing to walk, you will find a spot.  I love this place…everything is so good!  A few times a year I will crave a hot dog and fries…if that craving occurs when in this area off to the Pilot House I will go.  But everything is good as is the crowd and the staff. The locals may not appreciate my mentioning their favorite eating place in town but I have reviewed it on TripAdvisor as well as hundreds of others so I am pretty sure word is already out there. 

When I was walking around town after eating lunch at the Pilot House I walked across the bridge from my hotel to get to the main road.  Tide was in and the lighting was just right to get some reflections in that tide pool when I first started my walk around town. Tide was out when I made my way back making everything look different.   

I walked around town into areas I had never been to before…in the past I primarily stayed right on the main strip.  On this visit I went down side streets to and to Colony Beach to get pictures of the harbor and hotel from that perspective.  I love sea towns and this visit did not let me down.  It was cold, it drizzled a bit, it snowed a bit but it was invigorating to get out and walk around for a few hours. I hope you enjoy my walk and it entices you to go visit my favorite small town in Maine. I try to avoid it during the high season…it is very crowded and people get ruder.  I like the quiet of it in the off season. 

After walking around town it was still early so I decided to drive up to the Nubble Lighthouse in York, ME.  Surprisingly, I had never been there before…or at least I had no memory of being there.  I have driven all of the U.S. and Canada in search of lighthouses and was never at this one less than 2 hours from my home!  

And with a blink of an eye it is time to check out of the hotel.  I decided to go home a different route from the one taken up there.  I hadn’t been to Wells in awhile so rather than go straight home I took a side trip.  One area I stopped at was the Bush Compound, summer home of George & Barbara Bush.  He had passed away in November so there was a tribute to him still set up near the road as you approach the compound entrance.  You can’t actually enter the compound without an invitation but you can park up on the main road. It is far away but you can see some of the compound off in the distance in the 4th picture below. 

When I set my destination as Wells before heading home I had no set place in mind…I just wanted to go and check out the town to see if anything had changed.  It hadn’t.  🙂  Here are some pictures from the drive to Wells.

This was a much needed short trip away from home.  The fact it was beautiful Maine, not far from home and surrounding me with water was good for my soul!  I will be taking another short trip next month to Bar Harbor, ME.  Another beautiful Maine town surround by water. It is an island so…Be sure to come back and see another favorite part of Maine

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See you on the road!

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” -Wallace Stevens

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