From West Virginia then Pennsylvania, on to New Jersey…ending with home & a full Cold Moon!

With the exception of a stop at my favorite place in West Virginia, the Tamarack Cultural Center in Beckley, I did very little after leaving Kentucky until I arrived in New Jersey.  I was feeling the pressure of getting home in time for my granddaughter’s birthday but at the same time drawing it out as long as I could. 

I went to the Tamarack Cultural Center a few years back on a return trip from Florida.  It has some beautiful items, some very, very expensive and some inexpensive and kitschy…all from serious West Virginia artists.  While there last time I purchased a gift for one of my grandson’s…a Spamjo…the one string wonder – Dulcimer Spam Canjo resonator cigar box banjo. I gave it to him for his birthday that year…he turned 12…and his two older brothers expressed jealousy…hahaha!  I’m not sure if they were joking or not but this year when I went back I bought them each one and gave them their own Spamjo‘s for Christmas.  They expressed happiness at receiving them and the younger of the two, who goes to college in FL, said he was bringing his on the plane with him when he headed back to school after break.  Happy Gram! Here is what a Spamjo looks like in case you are curious! It actually plays a pretty good tune but at this point the younger grandson (who lives with me) has it hanging on his wall because he wants to preserve it.  


Here are images from the Tamarack Cultural Center in Beckley.  Some amazing artwork, sculptures, artist designed cards, pottery, furniture, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, etc. 

 I am backing up a bit now to show you some of the trip from Kentucky to Barboursville, WV – where I spent my night in WV. The closer I got to WV the more it snowed but stopped almost as quickly. It also snowed when I was in PA so I had to go to the store to buy a scraper….I have not had a scraper in years because my car is always in the garage.   

 Arriving in New Jersey required me pulling over to decide if I wanted to drive another few hours and just head home or spend another night or two in the area.  I had stayed in New Jersey several times before but once I decided on staying I had to decide where and for how long…It is November 29th and I don’t have to be home until the evening of December 2nd so I decided to stay until check out on the 2nd and ended up in Parsippany because I had never been there before….Embassy Suites is where I chose to go…why?  Because it had a restaurant and if it was going to be cold and/or snowy I didn’t want to have to go out at night if I didn’t want to. The restaurant, Bistecca, was very upscale and the food delicious!  

Here is a sample of what you can see on the drive from PA to NJ

I took the next day as a down day since it was cold and drizzling out.  I hung out at the hotel editing pictures, watching TV and exploring my options for things to do the before going home.  I chose the historic Waterloo Village and Morris Canal, both on the same property.   When I was there there was a professional photographer taking pictures of her family for their annual Christmas card.  There was also a service setting up for a wedding.  They did not appear to be happy that I was walking over in that area but I was on my way to the cemetery and no one asked me to turn back. One of the reasons I came here?  There is a mill!  Love me a beautiful mill!  Warning….there are a lot of pictures here but I opted not to delete any of the because I want you to enjoy the village as much as I did.  I also played with images of the waterfall and I left all of those in also…they, to me, are just cool!  It is reflecting the trees and clouds and it left an interesting pattern on the water as it was moving along. 

 If you would like to read more about the village, check out the link below.,_New_Jersey

One the way back to the hotel I decided to stop at the Budd Lake Diner in Budd Lake, NJ.  I love a good diner.  I don’t know if I can consider this a good diner or not but I can say I was disappointed in my choice of meal.  I perhaps should have gone with a good old fashioned burger…though I don’t often eat burgers. It is a great diner with a very pleasant staff but my food choices were bland.   

Posting a few pictures from PA to MA

And then I got home with the tree decorated for Christmas and both my son’s dogs there to be my welcoming committee! 

September 16, 2018 to December 2, 2018…best road trip EVER! 

Thank you for traveling along with me.  I will be home for the holidays then heading out again in January…only for a long weekend but I will be posting that journey…and my subsequent travels also.

Not a road trip but I took pictures of the full Cold Moon to end off 2018! 

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