Heading to Bowling Green, KY…

In the real world it is Mother’s Day so to all the Mom’s, Step-Mom’s, Dad’s who have to step in as the Mom and siblings who have to raise siblings…I hope you all have an amazing day…hopefully getting an opportunity to do something besides what you do under quarantine every other day. 

Looking over the images in preparation for writing this part of the journey I was reminded how truly beautiful I found this mill to be so I sent 4 of the images to the company I use, Metal Mouth Prints, when I want an image without a frame or mat.  They do an amazing job and I think quite a few of the people who follow me are photographers in addition to being travel bloggers…check them out.  You won’t be disappointed!  Once they arrive I will be adding them as a collection to my site as noted below for sale.

I only had a few places on my list when I headed to Kentucky this morning but I found a few places along the way that I really enjoyed including Falls Mill.  This is an amazing country store, B&B, waterfall, pond, along with several outbuildings.  Really a beautiful place and with the exception of a cat and 1 worker I had the place to myself and I loved it!! It is a historic textile mill from 1873.  You can buy a small handful of items from the store, tour the mill, stay at the B&B or just walk around and enjoy the property.  Warning…I have a lot of pictures since it was my primary stop for the day.  I hope you enjoy! Oh…it is in Belvidere, TN if you want to visit yourself.  Below are images of the buildings on the property…plus the cat.  🙂  

Next up is the pond/waterfall behind the home on the property as well as the falls and pond at the back of the property behind the mill.

To conclude this visit to this beautiful location, you have to see the inside of the store.  It has some very cool old stuff!

When I was leaving Falls Mill I noticed a structure I did not see when I was going in so of course I had to stop and check it out…Rocky Springs Stagecoach Inn.  It is the ruin of an 1836 Inn.  As much as I would have liked more of the building to have survived time I was amazed there was still this much left.  

 I should have started with the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in Chattanooga because that was my first stop when I left the hotel but admit it…Falls Mill and Rocky Springs are deserving of going first.  

Next up are miscellaneous images on the road between TN and KY…I especially loved the dog that was sitting in the back of someone’s truck…he was a beautiful dog! Those big ass tires?  I have no clue what type of equipment those would fit on!  Final comment…the Tennessee River…beautiful! 

To end the day I am checking into…can you guess?  Probably…the Hilton Garden Inn in Bowling Green, KY.  Lovely little spot close to what I want to do tomorrow. 

 Tomorrow I will be driving around Bowling Green, Franklin, Park City, etc.  Lots to see…including those gorgeous horses.  Be sure to come back…the trip is going to be winding down soon.  After I leave Kentucky there is a stop in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey before heading for home.  Lots to see in between…hope to see you tomorrow!  

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.
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See you on the road!


                    “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

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