All around Bowling Green, Franklin & City Park, KY…

The first place I headed to when I left the hotel this morning was the historic 1921 Standard Oil Station in Bowling Green…it is no longer a functioning gas  station but it was in service at one time.  I wanted to see what it would have been like to pull into the “oil station” with my Cadillac (yes, they were around back then!) but alas, nobody came out to service my car.  🙂  Cool place though.

Another stop during the day was Octagon Hall in Franklin. Built in 1847 it is another spot on the historical register.  It has served a number of purposes over the years and I highly recommend you check out this website for more information. This is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the south so I would have gladly paid the $5 admission to go inside the hall but alas it was closed.    


 Another place I really wanted to check out was Bell’s Tavern in Park City.  Old structures and history in the south interest me.  The original wooden structure burned in a fire.  The rebuild of stone was never completed because the civil was started. 

 Of course, you can’t go to Franklin without stopping by Kentucky Downs.  I was told horse racing season ended in September but the parking lot was full the day I stopped.  All I was able to do was pull in the parking lot, step out of my car, take pictures and drive away…of course, I drove to Old Friend’s of Kentucky Downs next door.  They take in retired race horses as well as some others.  I have since found out that this location was closed down in July 2019 and the horses were moved to the organizations Georgetown location. I don’t remember the name of the lovely lady who gave me a tour and told me stories about the horses.  I do remember that she was a retired volunteer who loved the horses.  She was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.  Also found out that horses loved to roll around in the mud…who knew!    

I am going to close this post with a few pictures I took while driving around Franklin before heading back to Bowling Green.

Tomorrow I am going to be heading to West Virginia.  I will only be there for one night before I head to Pennsylvania.  I can’t believe this trip is coming to an end. Come along tomorrow to see the beauty that is West Virginia and I will take you to my favorite WV craft store…so much more than your typical idea of crafts! 

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.
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See you on the road!


                                “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen 

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