On the road to Tupelo, MS…birthplace of Elvis!

I was never a huge fan of Elvis (sacrilege to many, I know…sorry!) but you can’t visit Mississippi and not visit BB King and Elvis.  We had tickets to go see Elvis way back when but sadly he passed away a few days before we were to go see him play. 

So…Elvis‘ birthplace was the ultimate destination for the day but there was one other stop…Point Park, Lookout Mountain. I’m not sure what my brain was thinking heading up to TN for a Point Park stop today because I will be visiting Chattanooga on this trip but it was a destination stop when I headed out for Tupelo. Don’t try to figure the mind of a traveler!

First a little taste of downtown Tupelo

From the downtown area I headed to Elvis Presley‘s birthplace and the Presley Family Story…most of which I did not know. The last image of Elvis, a second picture of the sculpture, was taken at the request of a tourist when she saw I had a camera as I was walking back to my car.  She approached me asking what I was going to be doing with the photos I took and after I told her that I write a travel blog among other things she explained she had brought along a hand-crafted Christmas ornament and she wanted to know if she placed it in Elvis‘ hand if I would take a picture and post it in my blog. She didn’t ask me the name of the blog, just wanted to know if I would post it for her.  So…as she requested…   

11 22 18 Elvis's Birthplace Tupelo MS (23 of 23)

This trip was back in 2018 and clearly it has taken me a long time from start to finish to post this journey.  If she had asked me the name of my blog I think she would have given up by now.  I don’t think she will see this but on the off chance she might…my apologies for taking so long to post! It was a lovely gesture for you to bring the tribute.  If someone took it or the caretakers of the property felt it should be removed, this is a forever tribute to your love for Elvis.  ❤ 

Below is the Presley Family story from 1935 to 1947…well, 1948 but I am missing 1948. Sorry about them being sideways…I couldn’t get them to properly rotate in editing.  

Next up is Point Park, Lookout Mountain…the drive here was beautiful and walking to the edge of the park overlooking town and the river was worth the drive all by itself! I had been in this area a few years ago when traveling north from Florida but I never made it here which is crazy because as it turned out I was only about one curvy road away! When I arrived it was maybe 3:00 in the afternoon and I was fortunate enough to be able to see the very start of a beautiful sunset on the mountain and overlooking the Tennessee River.  

 Time to leave TN and head back to Tupelo for the night at the Hampton Inn.  Again, not sure why I felt the need to head to TN today but I am glad I went.  If I waited until I toured the TN area I am staying in then I may not have seen it nearing sunset.  Never fear…I will be heading back to TN tomorrow and will be staying in Chattanooga

Traveling around Chattanooga tomorrow will be a very full day…be sure to come back and enjoy this special town with me!   

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See you on the road!

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.”

Author Unknown

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