It’s all about Flood Wall in Vicksburg…

I had seen a review about the murals down at the Vicksburg waterfront along the majestic Mississippi River. I needed to go check it out and once I got there and saw what it was all about I knew I would be down there for awhile.  There is a plaque for each and I saw that they had lighting for night time viewing.  I wish I had thought to go back at night for an overall shot…bet that would have been amazing.  Warning…there are a lot of pictures of this spot! There were 76 pictures so for space saving reasons I did remove the images of the plaques.  Check out the mural website for more info and detail about the flood wall and how all of this relates to Vicksburg‘s past, present and future. The artists involved in this project have amazing talent. If you click on the link below, then click the “View our murals” link on the right side it will bring you to a page with all the individual murals…click on a mural and it will tell you when it was dedicated and a history of each.  They are great stories!

Down near the waterfront is the first African Methodist Episcopal Church in Mississippi organized in 1864.  It is a beautiful church very well maintained over time. 

The rest of this post is about images I took while driving around the Vicksburg waterfront area.  Vicksburg has so much to offer I wish I could have made more time to visit but I will be moving on tomorrow. 

 As I mentioned above, I will be moving on tomorrow to Tupelo, MS…birthplace of Elvis!  It is also Thanksgiving and I will be filling my day with a lot of stops on my way to Tupelo.  During this day I did make a stop to have a Face Time chat with my siblings and other family who were gathered together at my brother’s house in NH for the day. Missing holidays with family is the downside to an extended road trip! See you tomorrow. 

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See you on the road!

”Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.”

Author Unknown



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