Chattanooga bound…

I had previously been to Nashville and Memphis but never made it to Chattanooga so I was excited when looking at the map that I could route my trip to include Chattanooga and my brother suggested a place for me to go for dinner.  Checking out of my hotel in Tupelo I had a little bounce in my step. There is so much there that I am going to break the day up a little more than usual…I think.  Part of today’s journey is going to take me from MS to TN through AL & GA for a bit and back into TN so I am going to start with these images. I am only in Chattanooga for one night so I want to see as much as possible today and tomorrow before I move onto Kentucky.    

Next I am sharing some miscellaneous images from Chattanooga before I get into the specifics of the places I visited. The first image represents the words close to many people’s hearts after the five servicemen were gunned down in a terror attack in Chattanooga in 2015.   

These are the Four Seasons Sculptures by Artist Daud Akhriev located at the south end of the Market St Bridge.  If memory serves, they are about 9′ tall so larger than life and so beautiful! 

Since these sculptures are at the end of the Market St Bridge and the Walnut Bridge are right here…Walnut parallel to Market St…it makes sense to post those next…

Before leaving this area I walked across the Market St Bridge and took some pictures of the Passages Water Stairs that runs alongside the aquarium down into the river.  The steps are located on the north side of the The Ocean Journey side of The Tennessee Aquarium and are a long waterfall of stairs leading to a wading pool that is underneath Riverfront Parkway. This makes the wading pool just about the coolest outdoor watering hole available in the Chattanooga area! I had never seen anything like this before.  Also down there is a large terrace type area behind the aquarium with stairs all around it that goes down to the river. 

Next I ventured over to Riverpark and Coolidge Park…at Coolidge Park there is a play area for children as well as a carousel!

When driving over to my next destination, I went around a corner and saw the sculpture below.  It took a bit to figure out what it was but I finally saw it is the called Ballroom…well, that is what it says on it.  It is part of the Bluff View Art District and that is where I was headed next, specifically the River Gallery Sculpture Garden…an outdoor gallery. I think this is an amazing work of art! 

11 23 18 Savoy Sculpture Chattanooga TN (1 of 1)

Now…the River Gallery Sculpture Garden.  An outdoor garden (though in November not much of a garden) with a path and sculptures everywhere.  It overlooks the river and is spectacular.  Warning…parking is hard to find unless you don’t mind walking long distances get there early or maybe 2 hours before closing. Prodigal Son…one of my favorites of the many that are here.  There are many pictures here and there were a ton of duplicates.  I tried to remove all of the duplicates but my apologies if I missed any!  

 Before I move on I have to give a shout out to the Bluff View Art District Bakery.  The whole time I was across the street at the sculpture garden I could smell their bread baking.  Before heading back to my car I had to stop in.  It is a tiny operation with product out front, a tiny counter and in the back the bakery.  Though I was not going to be heading home for about another week I decided to buy a loaf.  Because it was getting cold out I figure it would survive the trip home.  It did and was gone within 2 days and I never got any…my family loved it! I thought it was a new venture but I discovered it was Chattanooga’s oldest artisan bakery.  They offer rustic-style table breads. I didn’t take pictures inside because it would have been awkward with the workers/owners right there.   

 Next I drove to the area of town with the Chattanooga Hotel, the Chattanooga Choo Choo and the old Stone Church Tower.  A very interesting area and you could easily spend a day here.  The restaurant my brother told me about is here but sadly from the time he visited and my visit that restaurant changed hands to a very upscale place, Stir…so not my brother’s cup of tea.  🙂  I would have gone in in a heartbeat but it had been a long day and I felt I would need to shower before walking in the door…and fine dining takes longer.  The Terminal Brewhouse is next door and that is where I went…delicious pizza rolls and a glass of wine to end my day before heading to the hotel! This is a good down home type place and I highly recommend it…a tad noisy though. 

SO…the Stone Church Tower followed by the Choo Choo area before heading into the hotel…oh!  Santa was there and very jolly! 

Yes…there is a bride above having wedding pictures taken…I believe her reception was in the hotel.  I did not see the groom, family or wedding party but I am guessing they were out there somewhere. 

Did you enjoy Chattanooga as much as I did?  It is a fascinating city and everyone should visit at least once.  Time to check into my hotel…of course, I am a Hilton girl so it is a Hilton Garden Inn not too far away.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Bowling Green, KY.  I was in Kentucky before but not this area.  I am allergic to horses and they always seem to know it but I absolutely love them.  There are stunning animals all muscle and beauty.  If you love horses too be sure to come along for the journey…only one stop with horses but you are going to fall in love! 

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.
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See you on the road!

   “All you need to know is that it’s possible.” -Wolf, an Appalachian Trail Hiker




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