Driving around Vicksburg, Natchez & Port Gibson, MS…

Last night I checked TripAdvisor and the rGPS app to see what was in the area and headed out this morning with a list of 9 things I wanted to see…2 I could not find.  They were probably staring me in the face but they were beyond my ability to see.  🙂  

First stop was a bit of a disappointment…Margaret’s Grocery & Market in Vicksburg.  Reality did not match what I had seen but I am glad I went.  I am sharing some info from the posting that made me excited to see it in person.  

“Four-Hour Holy-Rolling, Hallelujah-shouting, Southern Gospel Service, rendered as a country market where “All Is Welcome, Jews, and Gentiles.” 

With credit to Atlas Obscura (great place to find cool things to do!), the site back in 2007 along with the Reverend & his wife:

Lovely, right?  Then here we are approximately 11 years later…really sad that this wonderful piece of history is disappearing so quickly.  

So, next on my list was the 1st Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson. I was intrigued by what I had seen when checking out what I wanted to do because there was a fist on the top of the steeple with a finger pointing toward the sky…heaven I guess.  When I found it sure enough…just as advertised plus it had beautiful stained glass windows. What was weird and I could not see it there but there is grass…well, dead grass…growing on the hand!  

Next stop, Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson, MS. It is the remnants of a 2,600 acre plantation from pre-Civil War days. The story behind it is very interesting and I invite you to check it out if you are curious.  This site also explains why it is that these columns are still standing 100+ years later.

Another stop was at the Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson.  Of the several sights I visited to find out the history and significance of this location this is the site I liked best…in case you are interested in the history.  

Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church near Port Gibson, Mississippi

My next stop was not a planned stop and I was out of the car for less than 5 minutes.  I was looking for a restroom and saw this restaurant so I turned around…it was not open for business but I couldn’t resist picture-taking!  It is Mammy’s Cupboard in Natchez, MS. I loved it because it is not every day you see a building shaped like a woman!  

You have to agree it is an interesting building!  🙂

Next stop was the Natchez City Cemetery…there is a statue and a glass coffin I was trying to find using the rGPS app and after driving around in circles several times I had to give up and move on.  I never found it but no matter…much like churches, cemeteries fascinate me.  I actually went on a tour in New Orleans a few years back and spent a large part of the tour at a cemetery and was sad when it was time to go. This cemetery is about the size of a small town and the pictures do it no justice!   

Another unscheduled stop was the Natchez Trace Bynum Indian Mounds.  I was driving back to the hotel when I saw the sign and out of curiosity I stopped to check it out.  A little piece of history you should check out.


This pretty much concludes this day. I am going to stick around Vicksburg tomorrow…mostly hanging around the waterfront.  Be sure to come back and enjoy and thank you for traveling with me this far!  There is a very long wall that runs along the waterfront with murals created that depict the history of the area.  I apologize in advance….there are a lot of murals and I will be posting them all! 

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See you on the road!

         “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

Author Unknown


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