A busy day heading to Jonesboro Arkansas…

Really the only place on my list as I headed out today was Alley Mill & Spring National Park in Eminence, MO.  I had seen pictures on TripAdvisor as well as my rGPS app and I love mills so I had to find this.  This place is incredible and there is nothing for miles around…including cell service!!  It is early November at the time of my visit and there were a lot of wet leaves on the ground.  What I discovered when walking around is that these over abundance of leaves was hiding a lot of roots sticking up from underground.  I fell…twice!  The first time I slid on the leaves and tripped over a root as I was sliding along.  I fell hitting my head at my hairline…small amount of blood but I was stunned and stayed down for a few minutes until I realized I was lying in wet leaves and suddenly concerned about ticks. So I got up pretty fast…well, for me pretty fast…and tripped on another root.  This time I fell on multiple roots hitting my eye and cheekbone as well as my hip.  All pretty bruised within a very short period of time…and purple, green and that ugly bruise yellow are not my colors!  I called my sister as soon as I could get a cell signal to let her know what happened.  I wanted someone to be aware in case I had a head injury or blood clot from the fall…I told her I would check in every hour or so and if she didn’t hear from me to call the local authorities or the hotel where I was staying to have someone do a wellness check on me.  Alas, no permanent injury though between the bruising on one side of my body and a egg sized lump under my skin on my thigh.  What an experience that I never care to repeat!!! 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled journey!!  Alley Mill & Spring National Park is free…at least the day I was there.  There is limited parking but I pretty much had the place to myself until after I fell.  The best things in life truly are free…the beauty of nature at its best and a little bit of history thrown in for good measure! The golden colors of fall combined with the amazing color of the water, the beauty of the mill…inspiring! 

I fear the rest of what I post today will bore you after the beauty of this spot.  I would fear this for the rest of this road trip but in the not too distant future there is another post for a mill in TN and it is at least as beautiful and a much larger property.  That property will be posted about 10 days from now…well, a few posts from now but 10 days in blog world.  

The rest of the posts for today’s travels were random, unplanned stops and scenery while driving in and out of Missouri and Arkansas.  One of my favorite roads on my travels today was the road that goes through the Mark Twain National Forest.  It is like being on a roller coaster that goes on for miles.  LOVED it!! Don’t get dizzy looking at the pictures or let your stomach go up and down! 

Posting some images from my drive around Missouri which includes the countryside, some horses and a cool old church.

By the time I got to my chosen hotel for the night…Comfort Suites in Jonesboro, AR…it was nearing dark.  Got a few decent shots of sunset between MO & AR…enjoy! Note…I have been told I need to edit more when it comes to what I post but when it comes to sunsets I find that difficult to do.  I hope you enjoy sunsets as much as I do.  

My next stop is going to be in Indianola, Mississippi…home of the late, great BB King!  And yes, I will be going to visit the BB King Museum as well as many other cool things in the area.  Be sure to come back to enjoy the sights in this great area! 

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See you on the road!

               “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

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