You will just have to wait another day for Manhattan KS…

When I ended yesterdays post I said I would be headed to Manhattan KS today but as it turns out I spent two nights in Colby so sadly you will have to enjoy one more day of my exploration around Colby and the area.  I bet you are thinking what could one possibly do for two days in and around Colby…well, did you expect anything as cool as Monument Rocks?  A friend expressed surprise when she saw the rock because really…you expect to see fields of grain, farm land, silos, etc…at least that was my expectation before I arrived there but if you have the rGPS app you can find all the cool stuff but still enjoy the beauty of the grain fields, farm land, silos, etc.  

I am going to start with a little levity before I move on to some of the places I visited on this day.  When driving to one of my destinations I spotted this…totally unexpected!  In case it is not clear…it is bales of hay covered in vinyl that was designed to look like a plane!  Come on…FUNNY stuff! 

Ok…on to more serious stuff.  🙂

I’m going to stay in town for a minute and share a few pictures of downtown Colby and the Country Store I mentioned yesterday.  It is a nice town with very friendly people and a few good restaurants.  

One of the main things I wanted to see today was in the town of Quinter, KS  …a very tiny little town with a population around 1,000 people but also the home of Ray’s Pharmacy and Soda Fountain.  I love a good old fashioned soda fountain and this one is perfect.  I stopped here after visiting my destination for the day…Castle Rock (nothing to do with the series or Stephen King!) You have to see the images of getting to Castle Rock in order to appreciate why only real dedication to see this site will truly allow you to appreciate arriving there!  So first…the trip there, then Castle Rock and then dessert at Ray’s! If you read yesterday’s post about the harrowing drive to Monument Rocks then you will understand this one…harrowing, dirt, sometimes dirt and gravel but not quite as harrowing as yesterday. This drive does have amber waves of grain, a need to stop to let the cattle cross the road and a few other things to break up the monotony including a fence gate painted like the American flag!      

My dessert of choice was the Root Beer Float with good old fashioned vanilla ice cream.  My grandmother used to take us to the lunch counter at Woolworth’s back when I was a young child and got to spend the night with her.  She didn’t drive so we would walk the mile or so to get there, have a hot dog and fries and then be able to order an ice cream.  Though Ray’s is SO much better than the lunch counter at Woolworth’s I had a serious feeling of nostalgia and Gram when I sat down.  Eating the maraschino cherry and taking my first straw draw on the float flashed me back more than 50 years!  If you are ever in the town of Quinter, KS you have to stop and check it out…even if you are not a baby boomer!  🙂  

It was a lovely day on the road and this concludes today’s travels.  Tomorrow I will be headed for Manhattan KS.  I will be in Manhattan for several nights before moving onto OK. Be sure to come back and enjoy tomorrows travels! 

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See you on the road!
                       “Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”
                                                                                                    – Author Unknown 

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