I left Colby fairly early because there were a lot of things I wanted to see on my way to Manhattan and it is about a 4 hour drive with no stops. 

I have put a lot of miles on the car since I left the Seattle area and that oil change…drove up into Canada from Vancouver over to Calgary and then down to Montana and making my way to Manhattan so it is time for another oil change. Upon settling into my hotel, my go to place…Hilton Garden Inn…I contacted the local Cadillac dealership, Murdock’s and got an appointment for tomorrow. The beauty of staying at a Garden Inn is that I know there is some place to eat once I get there so if it is late I don’t have to go out…I just need to go downstairs!  This location had a shopping center across the road also so I could walk if necessary for something to eat.  I got a prime parking spot right out front but I did have to move my car around back the next day because they closed off on street parking for the weekend for a street fair.   

I am posting backwards…my last stop before arriving in Manhattan was in Council Grove,KS at Richey Cove Park...saw part of a lovely sunset and moved on.

Now that I have shown the last part of the day I am going to back up and show a few of the places I stopped at during the day. 

One of the interesting stops along the way was Mushroom Rock State Park in Brookville KS.  The picture I saw on rGPS looked intriguing though I confess…I never did see the rock that was in that image.  Not sure if I didn’t drive far enough into the state park or what but I did get some shots of some cool rocks even if not “the” rock. 

One of the things I wanted to see that was on the rGPS app was an abandoned bridge…there was no town listed so I just used the directions that came with the image…it was literally out in the middle of nowhere and if the app had not told me I reached my destination I would have never found it…not sure if it was worth it if I had to drive too far out of my way but I did drive there so I took a picture…”abandoned bridge“…I couldn’t even walk to it because I wasn’t willing to climb the fence and I am unsure I could have even if I wanted to try. It was a pretty gold countryside though.

10 31 18 Abaandoned Bridge in the middle of nowhere Canton KS (1 of 1)

Another stop was to an area with abandoned buildings…I love abandoned buildings, ghost towns…you know, cool stuff like that! In the same area was a cool stone arch bridge…all in or around Clements, KS and at least I could walk to and around this old bridge. I noticed when posting the pictures that a few of these are from Council Grove and Brookville…my bad!  I put them in the wrong folder…sorry!  

I am posting some of the shots I took while driving from Colby to Manhattan…generally scenery shots ending with a sunset in Manhattan.  It was a long and interesting day.  Tomorrow there is a lot more exploring after getting my oil changed so be sure to come back for more! 

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See you on the road!
                                  “The journey not the arrival matters.” –T.S. Eliot

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