Once again from CO to KS & NE to KS with some sunsets in between!

Well, I’m not sure how all those pictures got so lost but a little uninterrupted brain power helped me quickly find them.  The first post here is going to be on going through a few little towns in Colorado – Wray, Holyoke & Julesburg.  I had been to CO several times before and didn’t have it on my list of places to see on this trip but all of a sudden I saw a sign indicating I was in CO and I was shocked.  Probably shouldn’t admit this since I have driven across the country several times and thought I knew it better now than when I did the beginning of the I-90 Road-trip but as it turns out…I didn’t.  I had no clue that in a relatively short period of time I would be driving in and out of Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas.  When I realized I was in CO I stopped to take a few pictures and checked google to see a map…lovely little 4 corner area which doesn’t get near the attention Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado do!  That too if you have never been there is lovely and worth the visit!!!  

Now for your viewing pleasure…some stops along the road to Colby, KS…I stopped at the Kansas Country Store while in Colby and there will be a few pictures for that visit but let me just say right now…cool place, open friendly gentleman working there and an awesome cardboard cut-out of Dorothy…you know, from the Wizard of Oz!!! If you have been following me from the beginning I was traveling with my granddaughter’s class mascot…Mr Potato Head…and the gentleman working the store suggested I take a picture of Dorothy with Mr PH for my granddaughter’s class and said I could move her for better lighting as long as I was careful and put her back when I was finished.  It was a hit!!   

Before I check into the hotel and have dinner, I want to post a few bits of sunset from NE, CO, and KS…very beautiful from all 3 states!!! 

Tonight’s stay is at a Hampton Inn which means I am going to have to go find a restaurant and preferably one that is not too far away since I am exhausted and need sleep.  Fortunately for me there is a restaurant not too far away…healthier people in better condition could probably have walked the mile or two and back.  🙂  Dinner is at City Limits Bar & Grill…I recommend both if you are staying in Colby! And since I wanted 2 glasses of wine they suggested I buy a bottle of wine and they would cork it so I could take whatever I did not finish with me since it would be less expensive.  

That takes care of today’s travels…tomorrow I will be heading to Manhattan KS…a booming metropolis with a large student population due to the college.  It also has an awesome Cadillac dealership that was able to change my oil and fix a leak I had in my rear axle. Be sure to come back for my continued travels!! 

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See you on the road!
                   No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

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