Back to our regularly scheduled road-trip…a brief jump back to NE before heading for KS

I kind of lost track of exactly where I left off when I took my break in January.  I went back and looked at that post and I don’t think I am duplicating anything but if I am…my apologies! I may even be missing a day in all this but in the overall scheme of things a missing tiny piece of time won’t be missed.

So…when I say briefly it really did last longer than showing a sign for NE and then a sign for KS but I am narrowing things down to”brief” before posting for Kansas.  🙂  That long open road with nothing but a hilly meandering road and a lot of land on both sides of the road…pretty typical!  I love it out there but if you are out there and a tornado is coming…where in the world do you go besides up into the tornado as it sucks you into its vortex?  

 The image of the piece of space ship and the church is in the quaint little town of Saint Francis, KS…population a little over 1,300 and when I drove through not a person to be seen.  When I think about growing up American, I think small town America and this is what I like to imagine all of us experienced to some extent…well, maybe slightly more than half of us. And, as you can see…birthplace of Astronaut Ron Evans!   

I spent the night in Colby, KS.  On the way there I stopped at several spots and also got to see the sun set a bit in NE, CO & KS.  Before I get ahead of myself I am going to back up.  One of my stops was at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center.  I did not go inside because it was getting a bit late and I thought I would make time for it before I left the area.  Alas, I never did make it back but it was a very cool place from the outside. I especially loved the sculpture.    

In Saint Francis there was this very small tribute spot with a sign acknowledging the  Cherry Creek Encampment. Of course, I sat in the car and googled it before heading out again.  I found a number of things that all said basically the same thing, I hope it is a true story/dedication…it was in memory of the Cheyenne and other Indians – survivors of the 1864 massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado – who fled to the Cherry Creek Valley. Dedicated in 1990 by some descendants. 

Black Cherry Encampment Saint Francis KS

Another stop was a Monument Rocks…about 25 miles from south of Colby and not the type of surface a Cadillac is used to driving on…this is really more of a Jeep Wrangler type of road…at least the last 5 miles or so…I really wasn’t sure my car was going to be able to make it all the way in…never mind get out again.  All sand, dirt, rocks, really deep holes in the road, etc!  In the end, it was so worth hanging in there though when I arrived there was one car with a family of four…left right after I got there and a man using a drone to take pictures.  I was nervous on my own with only one other person there and no cell service!  My family would like to kick my butt because I put myself in these situations but to get to see the sites you sometimes have to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone or why else get in the car?  I listen to my gut…if it isn’t warning me I go with it.  Hasn’t failed me so far! And these rocks, the weather, the sky…so worth the out of the way scary drive! 

These pictures don’t do this place justice! I strongly suggest if you are in the Colby KS area you seek this out.  Just make sure you have plenty of gas and a car that can take the beating it will receive heading out!  I found it using my rGPS app…a great app for finding great picture spots (get it gps) off the beaten path. Of course, Waze will probably get you there too but the rGPS has many places on it that you can’t find on Waze

When I left the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center and headed to Monument Rocks I went down this very long road that started out paved but ended up dirt.  It was actually being graded in one section as I drove down it.  Not much on the road but what little was there was kind of cool.  I even saw a hawk catching and toying with its dinner.  I stopped…I got pictures…I need to find them again to share!!  After taking a left turn off the dirt road, it continue dirt but eventually less of a road with “dodge ’em” trying to get around holes and rocks. 

 Someone has a very cool collection of old cars!!!  

Found the hawk photos…I am going to post them and call it for now because I lost all my photos that I had in a folder for my blog.  I found the above and the hawk because I knew the names to use in search but I am drawing a blank from here and will need to do a more serious search.  They are here…I just need to find them!

So…the hawk kind of blended in with the countryside.  The only reason it got my attention when driving down the road at 30 MPH was because it hopped a few times as I was approaching it so I slowed down to see what was hopping in the field.  I actually passed it and turned around to go back.  I feel a little weird about saying this but I was a bit mesmerized sitting there and watching it toy with that snake.  Nature at its basic best.  🙂  

10 31 18 Red Tail Hawk (4 of 4)

Enjoy the hawk…heck, enjoy the whole day that was posted.  I am off to search.  If I don’t make it back tonight hopefully I will be back tomorrow!

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See you on the road!
                                                                                                                                                                                     “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar


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