NE, WY & back to NE…a long day! Part II And…I forgot there is a little in & out of Colorado too!

Good morning everyone!  I think I have pretty much recovered from the current trip and am ready to once again go back in time to the rest of the I-90 Road Trip return homeward.  

When leaving Jackson, as noted in yesterdays post, I had a long list of things I wanted to see and a few things also came up along the way.  It was a very busy day before picking my hotel for the night and because my travels took me in and out of Nebraska, Wyoming & back into Nebraska what I posted won’t necessarily be in the order I saw it because my notes are missing.  

This stop was the Courthouse Rock & Jail Rock in Bridgeport, NE.  I had to look at both from  several angles to see any resemblance of a courthouse or jail but in the end I did kind of see the courthouse though the power of suggestions is…well, powerful!   

Next set of images is at Fort Laramie in WY. I’m not sure what I expected but this was less and more at the same time.  Less because I guess I thought there would be more here but more because I could almost feel and hear the history.  It was an eerie kind of feeling and I almost wished I could have worn a headset that will be reminding me of the stories about the time. 

Next up…Fort Platte in Laramie, WY...very close to the fort…. 

Then we have the Glendo Reserve in Laramie, WYit was a spot right along the caught my attention because it was so reflective of all that was around it…especially the sky!  

Ok kids…we still have not gotten through all of this days travels but because it took me 6 hours to get through today’s real life travels I once again need to call it a day without getting through all of October 28, 2018!  I think traveling is wonderful…but not on rainy days!  And today…in the real world of January 25, 2020 it was raining most of the day while I was trying to make my way back to MA…had to stop in Norwalk, CT…I will finish this October 28, 2018 story tomorrow morning! 

             ”People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” –Edmund Hillary

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                                                               See you on the road!
New note…I see that so many of you are visiting my Facebook and Loving Life sites…thank you!!  I just appreciate you visiting and checking me out!!  ❤ 

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